Exercises not only keeps you fit but has tremendous advantages that you want to know. It will not only give you a great shape but there are awesome things that you can achieve especially if you have a strong core. And here are the five great core exercises for beginners.

These core exercises for beginners will not only help you achieve 6 pack but having a strong core has a lot of benefits especially when you workout.

What is Exactly Do We Mean by Core Muscles?

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Many people believe that only abs, which are a short form of abdominal muscles, are the only core muscles. But it is only false inception because the core muscles include almost all of the muscles that are present in the trunk region, a region where most of our vital organs are present. Core muscles simply include your abdominals, obliques, lower back, and gluteus.

The Importance of Having Strong Core

Having a strong core not only gives you a perfect body but also has many hidden benefits that will be highlighted in this article.

  1. Acts as a stabilizer for your body and prevents it from serious back injuries.
  2. Will surely be a good friend of your spine as it relieves back pain.
  3. Making your life more active. No matter which part is moving, your core will be the base of every movement. Every movement will be more efficient if you have a good posture.
  4. It improves your posture and in this way supports your spine. A good posture will make your body language good and you will look more confident.
  5. Athletes have a strong core because it prevents them from many sports injuries. It will help them to do workout more often and have less fatigue. Also, it will help to build stamina for running and sports.
  6. It will help you to do very difficult chores and workouts easily. The reason is that when you have a strong core, your every movement will be easily done and you will be less fatigued.
  7. It surely gives you the best appearance in your summer outfits. You will look fabulous with your revealing body on beaches. It is because a strong core will make you look fitter and smarter.

Core Exercises Myths That You Need to Know

After knowing the amazing benefits that you get if you have a strong core, you will be highly motivated to start doing the core exercises as soon as possible. Hold your horses, and before thinking of doing these exercises, you should know the myths that are being circulated about core exercises. Some common myths are described below:

  1. Some people think that only doing a few exercises some days a week will give them the best summer look with six abs immediately. Well, that sounds like a misconception.
  2. There is a portion of people who think that you can get these abs only by doing a set of exercises. Well, that is only a half effort to get that look. The abs are hidden under our skin. By skin, we mean that extra fat that is needed to be removed. So before starting to do exercise, correct your diet and eat healthy foods that give you the strength to do a strenuous workout.
  3. Crunches are considered very helpful in having a strong core but the fact is that if you do crunches for a very long time it will cause some serious damage to your spine.

Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Some of the core exercises that are mostly opted for by beginners are explained below:

1. Superman5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

A nice addition to all the crunch exercises is the Superman exercise. It is a good way of consolidating the lower back and toning glutes. All you need is your body weight, no equipment required. You have to lie down with your legs and arms resting on your front. Lift the head, arm, and left leg about 10-15 cm off the ground. Keep a count of three and then go back to the starting point. Repeat the exercise while alternating the right and left arms. It is recommended to do sets of 10 reps.

2. Bridge

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Lay down with arms and hands on your sides to your floor. Lie on your back in a straight posture. Beat the knees and position the feet on the floor hip-width, flat, making an angle of 90 degrees. Stick the lower back and the lower back as you stretch the glutes and lift your hips. Push heels into the floor while holding the bridge. The body should form a straight line between the shoulders and the knees. It is recommended to repeat the exercise at least 10 to 12 times.

3. Metronome

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Sit on your spine, legs twisted and elevated, arms lifted to your backs, ankles parallel to the deck. Turn your legs to the left and bring your feet as low as possible to the ground without touching it. Back to the middle and move your knees right. For better results, perform 10 to 12 reps alternatively.

4. Plank Lift

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

The classical plank workout is cool and interesting, but the plank raises legs to the next level. Increasing leg raises will improve the strength and activate the muscles of the abdomen and the lower body. Start with the hands shoulder-width apart in the plank pose. You should be in a line formation with your elbows, hips, and anchors. Keep down and lift the right leg off the ground until it is around hip height. Hold your foot twisted right. Have a rest and feel the burn. Then lower down the lifted leg to the floor and repeat it with the left leg. Set the goal for 3 to 10 reps, alternating legs.

5. Side Plank

5 Best Core Exercises for Beginners

Start with your feet joined and a forearm placed right under the shoulder. Contract your core and lift your hips to form a straight line starting from your heart and ending at the feet. Keep the position intact in each set and then repeat without causing your hips to drop on each set. For better results, it is recommended to keep the body intact for 10 to 30 seconds, while alternating.

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