Signs that You Need to Go for a Therapy for Your Anxiety

Do I need to go for Therapy for My Anxiety? Signs It’s Time to Go for Counselling

Sometimes anxiety may not be a bad thing, it is just a common reaction to stress. However, if anxiety starts to interfere with your daily lives, you might be facing a serious problem. It was reported that in 2013, there are about 3 million Canadians (11.6%), 18 years old or older are having mood and/or anxiety disorder. Also, about a quarter indicated that their disorder(s) had ‘quite a bit’ or 'extremely' affecting their lives in the last 12 months. Anxiety and/or mood disorders are considered to be among the most common mental health disorders in Canada. The 2014 Survey on...

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How Take Care of Your Mental Health as the Pandemic (COVID-19) Continues

It is during our darkest  momnents that we must focus to see the light. Aristole Onasis In an online survey conducted by Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), Pollara Strategic Insights on its 2nd poll survey conducted in the month of August among 4,100 adults as samples shows that there is still a rising number of people having a high level of anxiety and depression. It also highlighted that the levels of anxiety and depression are serious. About more than one-half of the Canadians who are reported to have high levels of either anxiety or depression can be classified as moderate...

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