Motor Point Acupuncture is a type of acupuncture which is also a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It's a technique that stimulate tight muscles using hari-thin like needles. It helps to speed up body's healing and boost your well-being.

Let's discover more about motor point acupuncture and the conditions that it can help. Also, let's find out about motor points and how the technique is done. As you read you will also know the benefits of this technique.

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What is Motor Point Acupuncture and What are Motor Points?

In this section, you will get to know what motor point acupuncture is and also distinguishes what are motor points.

Motor Point Acupuncture

An acupuncture technique that originated from China. It is the same type as Intramuscular Stimulation Technique(IMS) which specifically targets a short contracted muscle which is the most excitable area. This type of acupuncture treatment is ideal for chronic tight muscles, sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain, and other disorders. It is also used to help in injury prevention.

Motor point acupuncture helps to reset the most excitable contracted muscles to loosen them up and be able to return to their normal function and reduce inflammation. Having an imbalance or tight muscles is a result of overuse muscle which is often overlooked and in the long run, it causes pain and dysfunction. This technique is combined with other types of therapies to attain more effective results.

Motor Points

This is an area where we can find the most excitable muscles or a point in our skin where there is muscle contraction. Based on research this is a cutaneous point having the lowest resistance to electrical conductivity.

How it is Done?

A licensed acupuncturist will be inserting the needle near a motor nerve for chronic tight muscles. As the needle is inserted in the motor points or entry point, you may find it painless and will result in an involuntary twitch. At the point of insertion, the needle will be stimulated with a little amount of electric current to stimulate the muscles to move or twitch as it loosens up tight muscles.For ideal results, this is combined with other types of techniques such as with traditional acupuncture or with an electro-acupuncture.

It can be an exciting way to treat the issues related to musculoskeletal by using motor point acupuncture. It has the power to recover from the pain quickly and gives relief. It also motivates the muscles to function properly and in this way the range of motion is also increased. This can be a healing therapy for the illness that most of the patient's entangled.

Conditions Treated by Motor Point Acupuncture:

This type of acupuncture technique can best help the following conditions: chronic muscle pain, sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain and other muscle dysfunction. It can also aid in treating internal disorders such as common cold, digestive disorders, cough and headaches. It is also used for injury prevention.

In order to know if your condition can be treated by Motor Point Acupuncture, a thorough assessment is needed to be done by the Acuouncturists.

Benefits of Motor Point Acupuncture

Motor point acupuncture is proved as a healing therapy for joints and muscles dysfunction. Here are the following benefits laid by the motor point acupuncture:

  • It reduces the the pain with quick therapy
  • It is a direct method to stimulate specific muscles
  • It gives relaxation to the muscles
  • It lessens the tension between muscles.
  • It also reduces inflammation
  • It can help the muscle and joints to return to their normal function

The general population who is suffering from enduring diseases get remedies from motor point acupuncture more often.

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