Sometimes anxiety may not be a bad thing, it is just a common reaction to stress. However, if anxiety starts to interfere with your daily lives, you might be facing a serious problem.

It was reported that in 2013, there are about 3 million Canadians (11.6%), 18 years old or older are having mood and/or anxiety disorder. Also, about a quarter indicated that their disorder(s) had ‘quite a bit’ or ‘extremely’ affecting their lives in the last 12 months.

Anxiety and/or mood disorders are considered to be among the most common mental health disorders in Canada. The 2014 Survey on Living with Chronic Diseases in Canada reveals that about 23% still did not consult a health professional in the previous 12 months and about 20% only have received psychological counseling.

Therefore, it is essential to discover more about anxiety and recognize the signs that you need therapy.

What Causes Anxiety?

The causes of anxiety may vary and it may not only be due to a single factor. It can be a combination of a variety of factors. Life experiences, activities, personality, medical conditions, and/or environmental factors can among the causes.

Life experiences such as having traumatic experiences can trigger anxiety. Research also shows that past trauma may not only cause emotional reaction but also physical ones. This makes you more vulnerable to other health problems such as heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, or cancer.

Having a serious or severe diagnosis such as cancer or other chronic illness may be one of the triggers of anxiety. Also, there are medications that may cause anxiety attacks such as birth control pills, cough, and congestion medications, and weight loss medications.

Your habit may also one cause of anxiety such as skipping meals. By not eating at the right time, your sugar may drop do you may feel uneasy and rumbling stomach. Also, if your habit is to think negatively, this may also trigger anxiety.

Personal concerns such as having debt, conflict, and having low self-esteem may also cause anxiety. These factors tend to make you worry a lot, thus you end up thinking negatively.

Daily stressors caused by environmental factors such as heavy traffic are also among the triggers of anxiety. These long-term or chronic stress can lead to anxiety disorder in the long run.

Also, there are personal triggers that are hard to identify. It’s essential to seek professional help to identify these other triggers. But, overall you will see that there are a lot of contributors to anxiety.

Do I Need Therapy?

People are worried a lot about anxiety. Telling someone that they need therapy will be a difficult thing. If a person is facing severe anxiety attacks then he/she must go for therapy on their own.

Forcing people to go for therapy might be a misleading act and will not allow patients to recover fast even by therapy. In recent years, it’s been proven that therapy is more effective than medicine because in therapy your contact a person and discuss your problem deeply and you get much relaxed. You have to face your problems, if you are not bothering them after some time, they can become incurable.

Therapy can release your stress. You can also talk about issues like family struggles, financial problems, public speaking fear, relationship problems, and breakup. They will teach you ways on how to handle things and tell you about your problems and mistakes. Some main types of anxiety are as follows:

  • social anxiety disorder
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • illness anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • phobia

10 Signs that Your Anxiety Needs a Therapist

Before going to a therapist, you must give your body and mind some time and space. If you see no improvement overall then you must concern yourself with a doctor or therapist. Solving out problems on time can save you from a big disaster. Our editors have researched a lot to find the main signs and symptoms that you need to consult with a therapist now the signs are as follows:

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is the root cause of all the problems in your overall body. This can lead to disorder in your sleep and emotions. If you are facing weakness in the body it indicates stress and anxiety.

2. Social withdrawal

It’s a common cause of anxiety. People share quality time with their families and friends and love have parties and outing. But a person facing anxiety wants to stay away from all these kinds of events because of fear of meeting people. This sign shows that you need to consult a therapist.

3. Less performance at work

Anxiety leads people to laziness. And makes him feel less motivated to do work at school or company. You lose your attention, concentration, memory, and energy which will cause severe stress attacks. You should observe your work routine, lack of interest, and errors in work to find answers.

4. Hopelessness

Hopelessness is the most dangerous symptom of anxiety. You feel no purpose in life, no interest in work, destroyed relationships with family and girlfriend. After all these reasons people start realizing why to live this kind of life. So, in last, they commit suicide.

5. Struggling to maintain relationships

Anxiety leads to struggling in relationships. You destroyed your family, children, colleges, and friends. You started staying away from them and want to stay alone most of the time. People in anxiety feel a lack of confidence while talking to others and behave strangely. These signs show that you must look for a therapist.

6. Overwhelm

You will take too much tension and stress of pending work and issues and this will lead to anxiety attacks and can disrupt your sleep and daily routine which after a long time will damage your overall physical health. Overwhelm can lead you to serious problems and can destroy your life completely.

7. No control over anger

People are suffering because of no control over anger. This can destroy your relationship, family, job, and friend. People should give serious attention to anger management and should consult a doctor if can’t control after applying all techniques.

8. Trauma

Many people have faced some bad thing in their childhood and can’t erase from their mind. For example, faced sexual abuse or have seen his loved one died. These memories can lead to serious anxiety and stress and can’t be cured without consulting a therapist.

9. Apathy

Lack of interest in usual works like working in school/college or company can lead to a meaningless life. They might get lazy and want to sleep for long hours.

10. Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a common issue in low confidence people. They are afraid to go outside in crowds or enjoying with their friends and family. All the time they stay in the house doing nothing. If you have these symptoms you must consult a doctor before it gets late. Anxiety and stress can be cured easily.

Benefits of Going to a Therapy Session

Now you might think what will I get in return for my money and time consulting a therapist. Well, there are plenty of benefits for you with the rid of anxiety. The benefits are as follows:

  • You will learn more about yourself your good and bad habits. This will make your life better.
  • After getting rid of the anxiety you will improve your overall health within a few months.
  • Consulting a therapist will make you able to achieve your life goals and make your passion as a career.
  • Makes you an overall better person in every aspect of your life such as relationships, family, finance, and friends, etc.

After reading this article now you realize whether you should consult a doctor or not. And know what are the benefits of having professional advice to remove anxiety and to be a better person again.

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