Neurokinetic is a highly specialized method that can be used for assessment and rehabilitation. It’s a manual muscle testing which has a goal to identify the cause of joint tenderness, muscular pain, poor posture and dysfunction. Series of manual therapy techniques are also applied together with exercises and stretches. It is often used to cure chronic pain, injuries, whiplash and postural imbalances.

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What is Neurokinetic Therapy?

Neurokinetic therapy was founded in the 1980s by David Weinstock. The reason behind the creation of this therapy was to bring a unique and effective system of muscle adjustment. He used Neurokinetic therapy for precise muscle tests and corrected movement memories. These memories were stored in the brain. This region is responsible for muscle movement and control.

It is practised all across the globe now. The experts in Neurokinetic therapy are helping people to reduce diseases related to muscles. They also help a lot in common injuries that are caused mostly due to running. These Neurokinetic therapy practitioners are curing syndromes caused due to dysfunctioning of muscles that lead to compensations. Muscle compensations are triggered through exercising with improper form, trauma, and fatigue.

Neurokinetic therapy has the identification of muscle’s behaviour as the initial step. Neurokinetic therapy practitioners make sure that muscles perform a proper function and help them restore proper balance. This is done through repetition and good-old failure. If you are suffering from a lower back injury, then Neurokinetic therapy is very beneficial in your rehabilitation process.

How Does Neurokinetic Therapy Work?

Neurokinetic therapy is based on observation. This observation is that somebody’s parts compensate for some other relatively weak body parts. As a result of injury, muscles not only become weak but also stop working. The remaining muscles have to perform extra shifts. This forced overwork makes up for the shortcomings. This concept is termed muscle compensation patterns. These patterns not only occur in injured or weak people but can also be observed in normal beings.

Neurokinetic therapy is a type of manipulative bodywork. It is related to the active release technique. This technique involves the use of adjustments and touch which ultimately helps the body to heal itself. Before using applied kinesiology, the practitioners check the patient’s reaction to any type of movement, substance, or pressure. This is done to observe any weakness that occurs in the client.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain that muscles, movements, and memories. Weinstock found out that muscle compensation patterns are also stored in the cerebellum. When incorrect movements get stored in the cerebellum, they cause postural malfunctioning and pain. These incorrect movements are revealed through muscle testing.

The major goal of Neurokinetic therapy is to correct muscle movements. A physical therapist and a neurokinetic therapist are almost similar. They help patients in muscle correcting muscle movements by engaging them in regular and proper physical exercises. Ultimately, incorrect movements are replaced with correct muscle movements. These correct muscle movements are then stored in the cerebellum.

Who Benefits From Neurokinetic Therapy

Both young and old can avail benefits of Neurokinetic therapy. Mostly those who are recovering from accidents, dancers, orthopedic patients, and athletes undergo this therapy.

Conditions That Neurokinetic Therapy Can Heal

Following are some conditions that Neurokinetic therapy can correct:

  • It can heal injuries caused by impact, accident, or trauma.
  • It is an excellent cure for lower back pain
  • It provides ease in jaw and neck pain.
  • Fibromyalgia, TMJ, and whiplash can be cured using Neurokinetic therapy.
  • People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome also get benefit from Neurokinetic therapy.
  • It provides a complete cure to injuries such as pulls, strains, and tears in various parts of the body. (in wrists, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, etc.)
  • Neurokinetic therapy is an effective treatment for bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis.
  • It cures pain caused as a result of compensations and improper form developed during exercise.

Advantages of Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic therapy has many benefits. Some of the most prominent advantages are discussed below:

Reduces Muscle Tension

The major goal of Neurokinetic therapy is to reduce tension and pain. This pain is caused when muscles overwork and learned compensation patterns cause fatigue and damage in them. Deep tissue massage and other similar treatments reduce tension in muscles. They reduce stress, improve blood flow and break up scar adhesions. But this tension returns as these treatments do not eradicate the root cause of this muscle tension.

Benefits During Recovering From Injuries

  • It provides pain relief, a long-lasting reduction of tension, and makes muscles relax.
  • Neurokinetic therapy protects from pains that can return due to past injuries.
  • It causes a prominent reduction in tenderness, swelling, and spasm
  • Neurokinetic therapy restores strength, motion, and functionality.

Benefits in Sports Health

When it comes to sports health, then we witness that athletes often experience injuries, compensations, and malfunctioning of muscles. These injuries lead to increased pressure placed on various joints and muscles in the feet, legs, and hips.

Neurokinetic therapy improves coordination, balance, and posture in athletes. It reduces spasms and increases strength, stamina, and motion. With the help of Neurokinetic therapy, the muscle recovery process is accelerated and the athlete experiences reduced tenderness or fatigue. Above all, Neurokinetic therapy prevents injuries.

Reduces Neck and Back Pain

Research shows that old neck or back pain can return in patients over time. Patients having a history of neck or back pain are 3-6 times more likely to re-experience past pain. People who have been in accidents and athletes go through compensations that help them recover.

In athletes, muscle strains are the most common causes of back and neck pain. These issues can be cured by Neurokinetic therapy as it helps them recover the proper functioning of affected muscles.

Treats Shoulder Pain & Headaches

Neurokinetic therapy can also be used to treat muscular tissues in the neck, jaw, shoulders, and upper back. Such diseases include frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain or injuries, headaches, and migraines, etc.

Here’s what you can expect from a Neurokinetic therapy session:

  • Its sessions are done while the patient’s having his/her clothes on. You can wear something comfortable so that exercises and adjustments can be performed easily.
  • Neurokinetic therapy often includes physical therapy and exercises such as massage and stretching for maximum benefits.
  • It is not a one-time treatment. Multiple sessions are very much necessary for maximum results.


Neurokinetic Therapy is very safe but it should always be performed by a professional Neurokinetic therapy practitioner as it is a technical task. Patients having any infection, severe injuries, emotional disturbance, or any additional illness should visit a doctor before getting Neurokinetic therapy from a practitioner.

Neurokinetic Therapy is a healing system to correct muscle compensations. These compensations occur when muscles are indulged in overwork due to inhibition of certain weak muscles. Its benefits include treatment of neck or back pain, knee and elbow injuries, headaches, and cures many syndromes. Along with the effective treatment of these issues, Neurokinetic therapy also protects the patient from future injuries.

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