10 Benefits of Exercises for Mental Health

10 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

In today’s world, people are addicted to electronic gadgets and prefer to sit 24/7 on mobile phones or other electronic devices. Diseases are spreading daily because people are going away from exercises and other workouts to make their body healthy. Health is an essential part of life. If a person had wealth but no health, all wealth would be spent in hospitals for treatments. No one talks to this new generation what if they don’t care about their health and can lead a person to very severe issues Exercise is not only for physical development but it has a positive...

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Exercises for Lumbar Disc Herniation

5 Exercises for Lumbar Disc Herniation

Just like having a cervical disc herniation, a lumbar disc herniation is also painful. And you might be searching for ways on how to get away from this pain. It's great to know that there are gentle exercises or stretches that can help in relieving the pain of the lumbar disc herniation. It is also ideal for strengthening and improving the flexibility of the spine and back. What is Lumbar Disc Herniation? The lower section of the body carries the maximum weight of the body. From L1 to L5, vertebrae are separated by shock absorbers called cushiony disks to avoid...

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How to Fix Your Posture: Upper Cross Syndrome

Are you glued to your desk all day? Are you also guilty of spending long periods of time with your electronic gadgets? And you might haven't noticed it that it turns out you are sitting in the wrong way and developed a bad posture habit. You ended up sitting while your head is jutted forward. Posture is something that we can improve. But, we can't deny that sometimes we fail to work on it. In the long run, this leads to having trouble with the effects of having poor posture. A poor posture is not a simple problem, it can...

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6 Ways to Manage repetitive strain or injury

Repetitive strain or injury from recreational activities Many people are deep into their favorite sports and recreational activities. A common result of recreational sports is repetitive strain or injury due to overuse. Two of the most popular injuries that occur are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. Even if you don’t play tennis or golf, these injuries can easily happen to you over time. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are different types of injuries that both involve forearm muscles. But impact where the muscles connect to the joint on opposite sides of the elbow. They both relate to inflammation and damage in...

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