Gua Sha is effectively utilized on clean skin that has been prepared with a serum or lotion. It helps to improve blood circulation, lymph, and skin elasticity, while muscle tensions and wrinkles are reduced. Like fascia treatments, there is a certain level of scepticism involved with Gua Sha.

Gua Sha typically centers principally on a throbbing painfulness in the neck, back, knees, and joints. Likewise, we’ve thought it was helpful while kneading our analgesic into sore muscles like calves and quads. It’s ideal to begin with delicate tension on the engaged throb or torment and steadily raise the strength as you proceed.

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How Gua Sha (Myofascial Scraping)Works

Based on the strength the stones supposedly carry, using rose quartz in the morning and jade during the rest of the day and at night is mostly recommended. Gua Sha skin scratching proceeds till red or purple vertical lines show up on the difficult territory. It won’t take in excess of a couple of moments. The small blood vessels under the skin separate on the grounds that the scratching pressing factor and blood are delivered inside (subcutaneous). That clarifies the arrangement of Petechiae (sand-like red/purple spots in line development.)

GGua Sha treatment accomplishes a 400% expansion in the surface bloodstream in the influenced area for around seven and a half minutes. Also, for the following 25 minutes, the bloodstream rate is generally high. There is a stamped increment in the microcirculation of blood in the delicate tissue. The huge progression of blood can wash off the blockage and poisons from the influenced region. The actual scouring of the skin slackens and breaks up the scar tissue. The gathered lactic corrosion and other metabolic waste get emptied off the spot on real tumult and expanded bloodstream. The outcome is an improved progression of chi through the muscles and tissue. The alleviation is practically immediate as the progression of chi is re-established. Hence, the caught chi gets delivered by Gua Sha.

The most common conditions and symptoms treated with Gua Sha include:

  • Body ache
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Colds
  • Tennis elbow
  • Poor circulation
  • Chronic pain
  • Puffiness around the eyes
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Hepatitis B
  • Headache
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation

Benefits of Gua Sha

The procedure is intended to accommodate your face and neck bends and to diminish liquid maintenance, leaving a more refined, smoothed, shaped appearance. Animating different pressure points via massage focuses on mitigating pressure to improve health and to relieve aching joints.

The skin is an incredible organ, and it can heal, nourish and protect itself naturally. Gua Sha is useful because we can use a stone to ignite its natural healing ability. This is done by manipulating the tissue and muscles of the skin to function at a more optimal level. Gua Sha gives the benefit listed below.

Decreases Liver Inflammation

Gua Sha decreases persistent aggravation, especially in the liver. Scientists say this kind of therapy could profit any individual who experiences constant agony, including joint inflammation. Since it might diminish the skin’s aggravation, it is now and again used to treat infections that cause endless torment, like joint pain and fibromyalgia, and those that trigger muscle and joint agony.

Grounding Ritual

GGua Sha’s cycle, regardless of whether it is self-practice or from an expert, is gigantically establishing. The sluggish and delicate contacts permit you to slip into profound unwinding.

Radiant Skin

Gua Sha is famous for its capacity to advance dissemination, which improves lymphatic capacity. The demonstration of scratching your picked item across your skin permits great phytonutrients to enter the skin and to hydrate it further.


Gua Sha can likewise be applied as a delicate facial back rub; the movement of scratching your Jade Massage Tool Gua Sha over your face will unclog pores and kill any undesirable poisons and pollutions. The development will likewise animate your lymphatic framework all the more so with any Gua Sha development above shoulder tallness, assisting our organs with performing at most outstanding productivity.

Natural Facelift

Gua Sha’s development is likewise thought to help lift, fix and shape the skin, and accordingly, regular use can help forestall the maturing of the skin. The expanded blood stream and oxygenation of the skin because of Gua Sha can add to a more siphoned-up, youthful appearance.

Does Gua Sha Hurt?

After a Gua Sha treatment, the skin is a red, yellowish, or earthy color, and there may even be purple coloring; on the off chance that you don’t know the person had Gua Sha, you may erroneously imagine that the individual has been beaten. Yet, that is a long way from reality. These markings are a decent and solid thing; it’s an indication that the body is disposing of toxins.

Gua Sha isn’t thought to be complicated by any means. If you utilize some unacceptable sort of scratching instrument or grease, you may wind up breaking the skin, and that can be agonizing. With appropriate consideration, it generally is less excruciating than a deep back rub. Scouring and scratching over shoulder bones or on the neck’s sensitive tissues should be done delicately.

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