Personalised Post Operative Physiotherapy for Better Recovery

Accomplishing a successful surgery doesn’t mean you can enjoy a healthy life in which you were living before entering operation theatre.

Postoperative rehabilitation physiotherapy is a unique type of physiotherapy for patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries. Surgical doctors also advise patients to get physiotherapy treatment to achieve better surgery results. Physiotherapists are already familiar with the guidelines that your doctor prescribed. Look for a professional physiotherapist who has knowledge and experience to adjust your problems through specific rehabilitation programs based on your circumstances.

Post-operative physiotherapy occurs in three phases, starting right after your discharge from surgery and lasts until you get all your body functions back at a normal level.

What is Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a challenging type of physiotherapy that happens with the collaboration of patients and physiotherapists to get desired results after the surgery. It is necessary after several surgical procedures, including cardiac, thoracic, orthopedic, neurological, and abdominal surgery. After finishing surgery from a skilful surgeon, you can work on the prescription of your physiotherapist to live a healthy life.

Who can get the benefit from Post Operative Rehabilitation?

Post Operative rehabilitation physiotherapy is available for anyone who has had surgery or experiencing pain, muscle weakness, stiffness, reduced mobility, reduced independence, and low exercise tolerance; all of them can get benefits from post-operative rehabilitation.

Surgery has benefits, but it may affect your physical and psychological state and maybe the reason for anxiety and frustration. Usually, people get bored and feel pressure and frustration. Visiting physiotherapists will help you; the physiotherapist will provide you with a full exercise program that will help you to achieve your short and long-term health goals and maximize your recovery potential.

How will Post Surgery Physiotherapy help you?

We have skilled and experienced physiotherapists that offer a wide range of post-surgery physiotherapy programs to treat and rehabilitate the patient according to his or her health circumstances. They will advise and support you in every phase of recovery and wouldn’t let you down to get anxiety or stress. Their specific program will reduce your pain and swelling and increase your flexibility, mobility, and strength. It will bring you back to your daily activities so that you can enjoy recreational activities and sports.

You can get post-surgical physiotherapy treatment for orthopedic surgery, spinal and neurological surgery, urological surgery, abdominal and thoracic surgery, obstetric and gynecological surgery, and breast surgery.

What will be the benefits of Post-surgical physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy should start right after the surgery in the hospital. Still, you should also continue it after discharge from the hospital because it will help you achieve a faster recovery. Physiotherapists encourage you to carry out specific exercises to get back your flexibility and mobility. It also helps to improve circulatory and respiratory problems. It provides relief from pain and strengthens your weak muscles. Stiffness of muscles causes pain; physiotherapy exercise stretches the muscles and reduces stiffness. It also helps you return to daily life activities as you do them before surgery. It reduces anxiety and stress and builds confidence.

Phases of Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

The following are three phases of Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy:

1. Physiotherapy in the early recovery phase

The phase starts right after your discharge from the surgery to the healing of your tissues. In this phase, the pain and swelling is the main focus of physiotherapy to resolve. Physiotherapists provide gentle manual therapy to restore joint motion and assist the patients with early walking and prescribe them walkers or canes with instructions of usage. Simple exercises are done in this phase to regain muscle function without disturbing the healing process.

2. Physiotherapy in Strength and Range of motion phase

After the early phase, your joints get motion, and you will get relief from pain and swelling. Then the strength and range of motion phase begin, and its main focus is to normalize the mechanisms and strength of your body. Physiotherapists will recommend hard exercises in this phase and give an introduction of some balance and proprioception tasks. Challenging manual therapy will also be part of this phase to restore a full joint range of motion. You will get your mobility back through soft tissue treatment in this phase.

3. Physiotherapy in Functional Restoration Phase

This is the final stage of your post-operative rehabilitation physiotherapy, which will start after you get your strength sufficiently for hard exercises and restore the independent movement. In this phase, physiotherapists prepare an exercise program for you. This program varies from person to person, depending on his lifestyle and physical demands. Physiotherapists make sure that the exercise program is entirely according to your desired physical goals. The program is different because one person plays professional-level sports and has other physical desires than the person who wants to play with his children. Therefore, the exercise program should be according to the patient’s goals. In this phase, physiotherapists will help you do more challenging and tricky balance and proprioception exercises specially designed to meet a complex functional goal.

Tailor-made rehabilitation at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness

The specific exercise program to achieve desired goals includes hands-on treatment such as massage and joint manipulation. This process is known as tailor-made rehabilitation. It contains healthy advice, exercises, and sometimes technology treatment to achieve desired goals. The treatment will vary depending on age, sex, lifestyle, and work requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have experienced and educated physiotherapists that also offer post-operative care at home. They measure all the protocols prescribed by the surgeons to provide you with the best exercise program.

Our physiotherapists spend more time on the patient’s assessment and determine all the problems on the initial consultation. They also inform you about

  • What problem you are facing
  • What is the reason for your pain, etc
  • What should you do to recover it
  • How much time will be needed for recovery
  • How to prevent yourself from future recurrence


Your initial physiotherapy will be at least one hour and cover all the assessment procedures. At this time, your physiotherapists will inform you if you need the next appointment or not. Our receptionist will happily arrange your appointment for your clinical needs.


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