golfer's elbow

How can Massage Therapy Help With Golfer’s Elbow?

Previously, we know tennis elbow as one type of elbow tendinitis, and since this is popularly known especially to those playing racket sports. But did you know, that it has a cousin? Yes, it's the golfer's elbow. Just like tennis elbow, even your not playing racket sports or golf, you can still have this. This inflammation on the inner side of the elbow can develop to anyone - especially to those who overuse their wrists and forearm muscles known as repetitive stress or a strain injury. Although the two conditions are different, they share the same similarities - both are...

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How Does Massage Therapy Can Help Tennis Elbow?

Research studies show that massage therapy effective in treating various types of conditions. And now,  let's discover how it can help to treat tennis elbow. This condition may occur due to different types of activities. What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow or clinically known as lateral epicondylitis or also known as lateral elbow tendinopathy. It's a condition where there is the presence of pain around the outside of the elbow. Pain may also spread to forearms up to wrists. This condition may occur due to overused muscles and tendons of the forearm near within the elbow joint. Also, this may...

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6 Research-Based Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been part of history. Its written traditions came from India dating back to 3000 BCE or earlier. Hindus regarded it as part of the sacred system of natural healing - known as Ayurveda or 'life health'. Massage therapy believed to relieve and cure diseases. Until now, we can witness its popularity. And, we may think that it's just part of the trend. But, massage therapy has a lot to offer. Its benefits are not only accessible on social media - Science can prove it. It goes beyond relaxation. To give you proof that massage therapy beyond relaxation...

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