If you’ve been one of our avid readers here at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness blog, you may read how awesome massage therapy is.  Based on researches, massage therapy can help in chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, and stress management, pain management in postoperative Orthopedic patients, improve quality of sleep, alleviating chronic tension headache, and reduces inflammation. Also, we’ve highlighted how massage therapy can help patients that have tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. For today’s post, we’re excited to showcase some of the best massage therapy techniques from one of our Registered Massage Therapists – Sean Sung Ho Lee.

A Quick Background about Sean

Sean Sung Ho Lee is a Registered Massage Therapist who just joined team Evergreen Rehab and Wellness this year. With an evidence-based and scientific approach, he works with his patients to discuss their goals, assesses therapeutic needs, and develop treatment plans. He uses a variety of modalities tailored to the patient’s needs, including but not limited to Swedish, Trigger point release, Joint mobilization, Myofascial release, Muscle energy technique, PNF stretching and strengthening, and contractile myofascial release.

By the way, Sean is an achiever, he graduated with honors from the Registered Massage Therapy program at CDI South Surrey Campus and was named Valedictorian award which is given for the highest academic achievement.

So, are you ready to discover the signature massage therapy techniques of Sean?  Before we start to feature those techniques, will see first how he prepares for a massage therapy session.

The Pre-Therapy Preparation

As the patient is now on the massage table, at this phase, Sean is setting up some shoulder pillows before the treatments.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Massage pillows can help the massage therapist to make it easier working with your muscles – it can make the muscles pliable and relaxed. It will provide excellent support and comfort to the patient.  Those pillows are also essential for those patients having stiff shoulders, large chest, or wanting a back treatment.

Therapists may also use those pillows under the ankles, head, or between the knees while the patient is facing up.

The Massage Therapy Techniques

Rocking Massage Technique

While the patient is at rest which is facing down, the therapist will create a gentle rocking movement. This technique can help in relaxing the muscles, making the nervous system calm, open up the joints, and helping the body get into balance.

Rocking massage technique is among the massage therapy technique that involves movement alongside shaking and vibration. This technique is a lot slower than shaking and vibration – which is quite relaxing.  This is best for patients with stiff muscles.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Sean performs the rocking technique on the patient’s spine and pelvis.

Petrissage Massage Technique

Petrissage involves the application of deep pressure to the tissue and the underlying muscles. It is a cyclical rhythm of lifting, squeezing, and releasing to alleviate the muscle spasms. Lifting the tissues away from the structures to relieve tension and stretches and loosens the muscle fibers. It can help in improving blood circulation, breaking up the adhesions, and to relax the muscles. It is also vital in removing waste products within the muscles.

A petrissage massage is ideal in treating delayed onset muscle soreness, to reduce the tension and improving recovery.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Sean performs the petrissage technique on the patient’s back and then performs erector spinae stripping

Stripping involves the use of the thumb within erector spinae. By the way, the erector spinae is not just a muscle but a group of muscles and tendons.

Oscillation Massage Technique

Oscillation involves a gentle movement or cradle in various parts of the body.  It is beneficial to release the physical and mental tensions which are ideal for muscular relaxation. This may be used at the beginning of a massage therapy session – it can help to calm down the nervous system. This technique is ideal for relieving chronic pain.

A study also shows that it has a significant effect as part of the recovery method after a fatiguing soccer training. This shows that it is a promising method to accelerate the time course of muscle recovery. But this study needs to pursue on a larger scale.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Oscillation technique for Upper Lumbar spine

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Oscillation technique for Thoracic and Lumbar spine and sacrum

Contractile Myofascial Release

This massage therapy technique involves a stretching technique which is ideal for various ranges of soft-tissue problems. It helps in releasing fascia restrictions and stretch out the larger areas of the body. Fascia tissue surrounds and holds every bone, nerve, organ, blood vessel, and muscle. It allows body movement without any restriction or pain.

When fascia tissue undergoes an injury or trauma it can harden which causes to create tension and restriction when moving.

With contractile myofascial release, it can help to loosen and stretch the areas of fascia, decreasing pain, and improved mobility.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Sean performing contractile myofascial release on extensor capii radialis brevis muscle.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

The patient performs specific wrist movement patterns guided by Sean.

Periscapular Active and Passive Release

The periscapular active and passive release focuses on relieving tissue tension. This is beneficial to relieve pain in the periscapular muscles, improve its healing and be able to restore its range of movement.

This technique is ideal for patients with frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tendinopathy.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Sean performs Periscapular active and passive release in side-lying for frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tendinopathy

Myofascial release with MET (Muscle Energy Technique)

Myofascial release is effective in treating a various ranges of musculoskeletal conditions which are ideal in treating and rehabilitating soft tissues and fascia tension.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is used also to strengthen and improved the range of muscle mobility. It applies gentle muscle contractions to relax and lengthen the muscles.

A Showcase: Different Massage Therapy Techniques from an RMT

Sean performs QL (Quadratus Lumborum) Myofascial release in a prone position with MET (Muscle Energy Technique) combination

Whether it’s for relaxation or treating specific conditions, getting a massage is beneficial to the body. It does not only relaxes the muscles but can help in relieving pain and improving mobility. And there are various massage therapy techniques that can help your condition.

If you have any low back, neck pain, or shoulder pain, or injury from a car accident, Sean is happy to help you. Book Online Today!

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