Like every year, towards the end of December, you probably came up with a few resolutions you wanted to achieve in the new year. Given how challenging 2020 has been, your resolutions for 2021 most likely included exercising more, eating more nutritious foods, and doing your best to live a healthier life.

However, towards the end of January, it becomes harder to keep your resolutions going. This is because many people set unrealistic goals for themselves, and after the first few weeks the momentum slows.

If you’ve started to struggle in keeping your resolutions, especially if they pertain to fitness and physical health, it may be time to get some help. A Kinesiologist is a certified professional that can help keep you physically strong and motivated. Read on to learn more about personal training led by kinesiologists and if it may be right for you.

What is personal training?

Personal training is a one-on-one form of fitness instruction that is led by a certified trainer or healthcare professional such as a Kinesiologist. This form of training is all about you, meaning that you pick the trainer, decide your schedule, and set your own fitness goals. The Kinesiologist is there to lead you in the exercises, help you reach your goals, and keep you accountable.

Additionally, the Kinesiologist will keep you safe during your workouts so you don’t injure yourself. If you are suffering from a chronic condition that is causing you pain, or you’ve injured yourself recently, the Kinesiologist will be able to tailor your exercises to meet your needs. As an expert in all sorts of exercises, your Kinesiologist will be able to perform stretches and massages that can help relieve discomfort.

How do I find the right Kinesiologist for me?

As you begin your search for a Kinesiologist, you first need to make sure your Kinesiologist has the proper qualifications. A Kinesiologist certification is required in BC, Canada to be able to practice Kinesiology or exercise instruction such as personal training, thus ensuring that your trainer is certified and fully trained is vital.

Aside from determining the certification, it is also helpful to know what your Kinesiologist has specialized in. Some Kinesiologists purely work with children, while others focus on weight training and endurance for athletes. Ideally, you should select a trainer who’s expertise align with your fitness and health goals.

Finally, make sure to read reviews about your potential Kinesiologist from current and past clientele. Understanding the overall personality of your Kinesiologist is important, as you will only get better results if you are working with a Kinesiologist with a positive and helpful attitude.

The benefits of personal trainers

The primary benefit of personal training is to provide the exercises and a routine that will enable you to meet your health and fitness goals while avoiding any injuries.

A personal trainer helps keep you accountable as well. If left on your own, you make slack off or deviate from your fitness schedule. However, having a scheduled appointment every week will motivate you and force you to stay active.

Additionally, a Kinesiologist is there to help keep your body in optimal shape. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, restore the range of motion in your body, or recover from an injury, the Kinesiologist will create a regimen that is tailored to you. You can rest assured that your trainer has only your best interests in mind, and will never cause you to further injure yourself.

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