Do you have your own exercise routine that you usually execute every now and then? How do you mix up your exercises and how do you create your own routine?

Surely, your routine includes strengthening exercises including chest exercises. How is it important? What are the chest strengthening exercises that you can do to improve and build strong chest muscles? Let’s take a look!

Importance of Chest Exercises

Chest exercises are important not only to flex out a great look of your physique but it plays an important role especially with your daily movements. Chest muscles have two (2) essential parts of what is called Pectoral Muscles:

    • Pectoralis Major: a large muscle that has 2 parts – an upper and lower portion – which looks like a thick, fan-shaped muscle attached to the upper arm and across the chest and collarbone
  • Pectoralis Minor: a lot smaller than major and it goes from the shoulder blade to the rib cage

Benefits of Chest Exercises

Chest exercises help train your pectoral muscles to improve your strength in your back muscles and help you be stronger in movements where pressing is required. It also gives you a lot of benefits such as:

  • Improved Posture: as it helps you stabilize your shoulders and its joints;
  • Breathing Better: since these muscles are attached to your ribs, it helps in the strength and mobility of your rib cage which expands properly in every breath taken;
  • Better Breast Support: by improving and building your chest muscle, it helps you to provide more lift and support;
  • Daily Perks: is given to us when we improve our chest muscles. Daily activities mostly involve lifting, holding, squeezing, pressing, pushing and others and when you have improved pecs, it will no longer hurt to give a little extra strength in the chest muscles group.

Chest Muscle Strengthening: Exercises and Its Importance

What Exercises Can You Do to Strengthen Your Chest Muscles?

There are so many different exercises that can be done to improve and strengthen your chest muscles. These are some of the popular chest exercise that can be done:

  • Push – Ups: The simplest exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere if you’re looking to target your chest muscle specifically. Push-ups have a lot of variety depends on the intensity:
    • Classic Push Ups
    • Wide-Arm Push Ups
    • Inverted Push Up
    • Clap Push Up
  • Bench Press: are effective to build your chest muscles to also improve muscular endurance and prepare your upper body movements for daily activities.
  • Flat bench Press: It works out the pectoral muscles, shoulders and your arms. You may use dumbbells or simply use a sturdy chair that can hold your weight properly
  • Cable Crossover: primarily targets the pectoralis major and minor, also hits the rhomboids, levator scapulae and latissimus dorsi
  • Decline Chest Flys: helps in building strength and mass in the chest particularly the lower chest that improves the shoulder retraction and stability and works the core

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