Book Evergreen's Top Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapist in Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley

Healthcare communication and cultural sensitivity are important to Evergreen Rehab & Wellness. Our Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotherapists can clearly communicate and comprehend your health issues in your preferred language. Our best Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotherapists at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness provide thorough, personalised therapy. They will listen to your health history, do comprehensive exams, and provide customized treatment programs.

Our pleasant and helpful physiotherapy facilities in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley are conveniently accessible. Our best Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotherapists will use hands-on treatments, therapeutic exercises, and modalities to relieve pain, restore function, and improve your health.

Our best Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotherapists at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness can help with injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, or a particular ailment. They will collaborate with you to create a therapy plan that optimizes your mobility, strength, and physical health.

Book Evergreen's Top Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapist in Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley

Looking for a Qualified Chinese Physiotherapist?

Look no further! Our top Chinese physiotherapists provide a custom treatment plan for your specific health needs.

Meet Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapists

Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Physiotherapist Serving in Coquitlam Clinic

Jacky Shen
Jacky Shen Physiotherapist
Jacky is a Registered Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam. Born and raised in BC.
Tyler Chong
Tyler Chong Physiotherapist
Tyler is a Registered Physiotherapist and Clinical Supervisor at the Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam. He achieved a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2015

Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Physiotherapist Serving in Langley Clinic

Rachel Kuan
Rachel Kuan Physiotherapist
Rachel is a Registered Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness. Born and raised in Vancouver, Rachel’s interest to work in the field of physiotherapy

Why Choose Evergreen Rehab and Wellness for Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapist

Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotherapists in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness have several benefits:

What our Patient Say About Our Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapist



Every staffs are great here. I had several appointments with Tyler Chong for my wrist pain. He is so professional and kindly took care of it. This is absolutely go to clinic when I get any pain on the body. – Sungwon C.



Chris Min, Jacky Shen, Eric Park and Teddy Kim are absolute stars! The clinic is well equipped and clean, and admin staff are quick to send you to your appointment. Underground parking is convenient. Thank you! – Amin N.



I took a Chiropractic and a Physiotherapy session at the Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Coquitlam and was absolutely amazed and satisfied by the thoroughness of understanding my problem and symptoms. – Ashima M.

Direct Billing to ICBC and Major Insurance

Our direct invoicing option simplifies ICBC-covered physiotherapy for motor vehicle accident victims. Without insurance paperwork and upfront fees, you may concentrate on healing. Our staff will bill ICBC directly to expedite your physiotherapy service.

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness direct bills major insurance companies, including ICBC. We file claims directly for you via our insurance connections. Direct billing lets you use our physiotherapy treatments without dealing with insurance paperwork or reimbursement.

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness handles insurance logistics while providing physiotherapy treatments. We want to make your experience smooth and stress-free so you can concentrate on your health.

Are you looking for top Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking Physiotherapist?

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness has an answer. We have Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking physiotehrapist in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Book your appointment now and start your journey to improved health and wellness today!