MVA Chiropractic Treatments: Helping You Recover from Motor Vehicle Injuries

Are you suffering from neck pain or back pain due to a motor vehicle injury? Also, are you currently processing for an ICBC claim? Did you know that you are entitled to receive the best chiropractic treatment for your recovery and it’s free?

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness is ICBC approved Chiropractic clinic. Our chiropractors will help you accelerate your recovery process. Your chiropractic treatments are 100% covered by ICBC. So, you can focus on your recovery, and no need to worry about the cost.

To experience a motor vehicle accident can be life-changing and its post-accident effects may be stressful especially it cause neck or back pain. Our chiropractors are always ready to help you. We have specialized programs dedicated to motor vehicle accident injuries. And. The multi-disciplinary clinic, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to complete your rehab.

We have Registered Massage TherapistsPhysiotherapistsAcupuncturists, Kinesiologists, and Clinical Counsellors. We are open from Monday to Sunday and we can help MVA patients from CoquitlamSurreyLangley, and Burquilam-Lougheed.

Schedule an appointment at Coquitlam or in our Surrey Clinic.

The Benefits of MVA Chiropractic Recovery Treatments?

With your valid ICBC claims, the chiropractic treatments will be covered by ICBC. Simply means that there are no fees charged even if you’re at fault. Evergreen Rehab and Wellness will directly bill to ICBC – No Out-of-Pocket Expense. And, aside from no fees charged, below are the other benefits:

  • Faster recovery from whiplash, back pain, and neck pain
  • A thorough analysis is done to understand your pain
  • After the analysis, an immediate and ideal chiropractic treatment plan is applied
  • The recovery plan will help you prevent long term damages to the body such as chronic pain
  • It can also help to prevent getting a patient into surgery
  • Helping you to get back to your normal routine with the absence of pain

How to Get Started for a Successful Recovery from MVA Injury

To get the benefits from your Chiropractic treatments, below are the simple steps that you need to follow after your car accident.

  1. File a claim. You may file a claim online or call them by phone at 604-520-8222. Once ICBC received your claim, you’ll be given an insurance claim number. This number is essential in order that you’ll start receiving chiropractic treatment.
  2. Consult and get assessed by a Chiropractor at Evergreen. Once you’ve got your insurance claim number, the next step is to contact us. We can cater to you from Mondays to Sundays if you are from Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, and Borquitlam-Lougheed areas. You may call us at 604 449 5859 for our Coquitlam/Lougheed office or 604 498 5859 for our Surrey/Langley locations. You may also book online for the assessment. All you need to prepare are the following: your ICBC insurance claim number, first name, and last name, and the date of your accident. When you have book for your first consultation appointment, our chiropractor will both assess and discuss your condition and will recommend an ideal recovery plan.
  3. Start receiving your Chiropractic Treatment for MVA. After a thorough assessment and you knowing your recovery plan, it’s now time to start receiving the treatment. You may book for an ICBC Chiro Standard treatment.

Learn more about ICBC here.

Don’t Let Yourself Live in Pain. Start Your Recovery from MVA Injuries Today!

Don’t let yourself live in pain. Life after a motor vehicle collision can be stressful especially you experience symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, and/or extremity pain. This can make experience difficulties in completing your day to day activities. And, our Chiropractors are here to help you with your faster recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have an ICBC insurance claim number, you are eligible to start receiving a chiropractic assessment and treatments.

You are eligible to take up to 25 chiropractic sessions

For the first 12 weeks after your crash, you may get up to 25 chiropractic sessions. However, when our chiropractor informed that you need to extend your treatment plan, you may contact your claim representative.

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