Vibration therapy is the treatment by using devices such as massage guns, thumpers, exercise plates, and more. Vibrations are considered a source of relaxation to muscles, and people feel pleasure with vibrations. There are a lot of benefits of vibration therapy, and it was first developed by Gustav Zander in 1867, in the shape of the apparatus, including pulleys and weight to create vibrations. It is practically used as a health practice by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who developed a vibrating chair. The vibration therapy has also been used by astronauts who are suffering from bone loss to strengthen their bone mass and muscles. Nowadays, NASA is also using vibration therapy to help prevent bone loss.

Waves and oscillations produced by vibration therapy are very helpful in the medical sector. Due to technology, it’s now more advanced and can also be done at the microscopic level in which special cells and molecules are targeted at a range of frequencies with a vision to strengthen the muscles of the body.

Why does vibration feel so good?

Vibrations provide relaxation and pleasure to most people if it is done in a proper and effective way. There may be many reasons behind the sense of comfort felt from vibration therapy, such as Proprioceptive confusion or Sensory novelty.

Proprioceptive confusion

Proprioceptive confusion is a medical term that means a sense of vibration and movement. When our body moves or shakes randomly, the cerebellum part of our brain feels a deluge of nonsensical proprioceptive data. The brain couldn’t figure out that movement and allow our nervous system to assume it safe and healthy motion. It makes vibrations feel so good to the body and gives us a sense of relaxation.

Sensory novelty

Unusual and active sensations within the body can be stimulated by the vibration therapy. Whenever we get this type of therapy, we experience many sensations that are unique and bring strong and distinctive sensory novelty. Also, it allows the body to release chemicals that will help in soothing aches and pains.

How does it work?

Vibration therapy is divided into two types; whole-body vibration therapy and localized vibration therapy. In whole-body vibration therapy, your therapist will ask you to change your movements such as stand, sit, or lay on a vibrating machine. Therapists will try different positions according to your health conditions so that you can feel the immediate results of the therapy. In localized vibration therapy, the therapist holds a vibrating device in his hand and places it on certain parts of your body, such as your thighs, shoulders, and calf.

Both types of vibration therapy produce vibrations that cause muscles to contract and relax. Vibrations at certain intensity also produce osteoblasts that are the cells that produce bone. The intensity and directions of therapy indicate and conclude the results of therapy. The direction of vibrations also depends on the device; some devices produce vertical vibrations, some produce vibrations that can go up and down, front and back, and sideways. Up and down vibrations are supposed to be the most effective for muscle contractions.

At Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic, we currently use a localized vibration therapy that targets certain parts of the body.

Types of Devices We Use

There are various types of devices when it comes to vibration therapy and below are among the devices we use in our practice.

Hypervolt Plus

Hypervolt Plus is a handheld therapeutic massage device designed to provide an efficient way to ease muscle tension and accelerate your recovery. It can help in reducing pain and muscle tightness.


Theragun is designed by a Chiropractor – Dr. Jason Wersland. Theragun is the most advanced therapy device, which is very beneficial and is used by many renowned therapists, trainers, celebrities, athletes, chiropractors, and many others. It’s ideal to provide professional-grade percussive therapy treatment to relieve pain, enhance your performance, and speed up your recovery.

Thumper Sport

Thumper sports is also another handheld percussion massager. It’s patented drive system technology transmit energy deep into your muscle tissues to stimulate natural healing. Also, if you have an aching body, the device can help your muscle to relax – releasing muscle tension and providing a soothing effect.

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