ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting

Many people are getting relief from pain through Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation and getting its benefits to keep themselves healthy and fit. The Chiropractic spinal manipulation can be delivered by Chiropractor’s bare hands (Manual techniques) or by specialized instrument. There is an adjusting device called ArthroStim which your Chiropractor applies on your spine to ease the inflammation from the damaged tissues of the restricted joints.It’s a beneficial technique that can help you in getting back to track. The following information will provide you with information about the ArthroStim Instrument adjusting.

What is the ArthroStim Instrument?

As technology is enhancing day by day, the Chiropractic treatment method is also advancing with technological evolution. The ArthroStim is a handheld instrument that helps to perform adjustments in chiropractic practices. A Chiropractor sees patients in different body shapes, sizes, and pain sensitivity everyday. It sometimes becomes difficult to deal with those variances only with manual adjustment and provide optimal results. This is why the ArthroStim Instrument is a great tool to incorporate to deliver a constant treatment experience to the patients.

The instrument provides 12 to 14 thrusts per second which makes it a much faster and stronger treatment method than Manual adjustment delivered by a Chiropractor. The ArthroStim delivers thrusts on your restricted joints in a better, comfortable, and effective manner.

How does it work?

Before understanding the working procedure of the ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting, you have to know about the working of chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractic adjustment produces precise movements on the affected part of the body which stimulates neural receptors in that affected area of the body. These neural receptors then produce nerve impulses that work to send information to the brain. The brain then processes the information and takes action according to the condition of the affected area. It sends commands to the muscular system of the body to begin the self-correcting process. The brain can also send commands to other systems according to the affected area and start the natural healing process of the body as soon as possible.

The ArthroStim Instrument method is just another way to make these adjustments in a much more comfortable, faster, and effective way due to its controlled repetitive input. Unlike the manual adjustment, this method doesn’t involve popping sounds during adjustments.

It’s also easier to use when targeting a specific area of the body that may be harder to reach or when applying manual adjustments.

What are the benefits of the ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting?

The ArthroStim method is a much faster and reliable method that allows your experienced and qualified chiropractor to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your treatment by reducing the amount of pressure or force applied manually to the patient. The controlled repetitive input makes it easier to use in a wide variety of conditions. People who can especially get benefit from the ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting method of chiropractic cure involve infants and young children, sensitive individuals, individuals with acute pain, and individuals who suffer from neck pain.

Some people don’t like the popping sound during the treatment sessions so the ArthroStim Instrument method can solve their issue as it doesn’t involve any cracking or popping sound. Elderly individuals or individuals who require adjustments to the extremities can also get benefit from this advanced technology treatment technique. Its benefits are not only bound to soft skin individuals but people who are larger and stronger and are difficult to adjust with manual applying of force can get benefit from the ArthroStim Instrument.

Am I the right candidate for ArthroStim?

Each individual has a different body shape, size, and pain sensitivity level which makes it really difficult to determine if the patient is a right candidate for the ArthroStim or not.

To get the perfect and exact answer to the question, you have to make an appointment with your chiropractor because he is the only one who can suggest the best treatment method after evaluating your body condition.

However, people who can guess to get the benefits from the ArthroStim Instrument method are:

  • Individuals who are suffering from severe and acute pain.
  • Infants and young children.
  • Elderly patients
  • Individuals who require adjustments to the extremities.
  • Individuals with lower pain tolerance.
  • Individuals who don’t like popping or cracking sound. (Cavitation sound)
  • Individuals who find it difficult to be adjusted from manual thrusts.

If you fall under any of the above-mentioned categories then you can think of a strong candidate for the ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting method. However, the exact answer will be given by your Chiropractor when he will evaluate your body and the affected area. A thorough assessment will be done and it will depend on your case, injuries, age, and also your preference.

How does it get started?

ArthroStim treatment method involves the use of a handheld machine. To get complete knowledge and experience of the ArthroStim Instrument treatment method you have to make an appointment with your Chiropractor. When you arrive for your appointment, your chiropractor will thoroughly examine and evaluate your body condition and will suggest the best possible type of treatment according to your needs.

If your chiropractor decides that the ArthroStim Instrument treatment method would be an effective plan for you, then he will move forward with this type of treatment. He will then provide you the ideal number of sessions. Moreover, your chiropractor can also add some other treatment methods to your personal treatment plan that help you to heal faster and will enable your natural healing process.

The ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting treatment method is a safe and effective way to relieve pain without manual manipulation. It will help you to ease inflammation in the injured areas and provide relief from pain by healing the damaged tissues.

We know how excruciating each time you feel the pain, but it can be ended and we can help you. We incorporate the ArthroStim Instrument Adjusting in our Chiropractic practice.


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