The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) covers acupuncture treatments.You can book for an acupuncture sessiwith direct billing if you have an active claim. All you need is to have an ICBC claim number and you will be eligible for 12 acupuncture sessions to recover yourself from the accidents caused by the motor vehicle.

Before April 2019, ICBC did not give this facility, but from the said date, it started facilitating clients who were injured, allowing them to get acupuncture sessions. If you have an ICBC claim number and have an MVA on or after the said date, then you can get 12 sessions of acupuncture spanning over 12 weeks. ICBC allows only 12 sessions, but if the patient is not recovered, then the clinic can contact ICBC to extend the session of coverage for that particular injured person.

In acupuncture treatment covered by ICBC, there is no need for a referral from the doctor. However, in other acupuncture treatments, it is required to get the prescription of the doctor to start the treatment. And one more advantageous fact is that the clinic directly contacts ICBC for the charges. The patient does not need to pay any extra charges for the acupuncture.

One thing you need to know is what kind of injuries are treated in this treatment and what the symptoms are of the MVA injuries

Common Symptoms of Auto Injury That Acupuncture Can Treat

There are some common symptoms of auto injury that acupuncture can treat. These are discussed below, and you have to check whether your injury is included in these symptoms.

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
  • Any kind of anxiety
  • Pain in legs after an accident
  • Sexual ailments
  • Weakness
  • Pins and needles sensation in a part of the body
  • Hight blood pressure most of the time
  • Headaches
  • Pain in the neck
  • Shoulder pain
  • Urinary issues
  • Depression from an auto injury
  • Blurred vision
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety, depression, and laziness, etc.
  • Ringing ears
  • Heart palpitations

These are just the common issues that are addressed by acupuncture treatment. Minor issues can become serious ailments and cause a serious threat to your body. So, if you are suffering from any of the above issues and have faced a vehicle injury after April 01, 2019, then you can claim the acupuncture treatment from ICBC. This will be very useful to lessen your pain and to help you recover from the injuries in less time than it would take with medication.

The Importance of Acupuncture in Recovery from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Do not sit and delay the treatment. Just claim it and get your quality of life back. This treatment will treat the nervous, physical, and psychological syndromes rapidly. Commonly caused MVA injuries, like soft tissue issues, are greatly handled by this treatment. These disorders are perfectly treated by acupuncture, as in most cases these are not even seen in x-rays or scans. If you are taking tablets or pain killers, it will take months to recover, but with acupuncture, you are all good to go when you have a claim number. You can have a rapid recovery in this way. So, what are you waiting for? Just take your ICBC claim number and start your treatment as soon as possible to get a pain-free life.

It also deals with post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). This can happen due to MVA. In this disorder, the patient loses memory. Hence, he is scared quickly, remains stressed, and can easily get panic attacks. In acupuncture treatment, the patient gets quick relief as it deals with the issue directly, no extra things happen, and it increases the chances of the return of quality life. And the most significant thing is that this is a drug-free treatment. So, you will not have to take medicines regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an active claim with ICBC, there is no need for them to get any referral from the doctor or even. Referrals are not required to approve it from ICBC before going for an acupuncture treatment.
The acupuncture treatment consists of 12 sessions that can be covered in 12 weeks. In these sessions, different acupuncture treatments are conducted to assure complete recovery. It involves cupping, acupressure massage, acupuncture etc. โ€“ depending on your condition.

ICBC is giving a great initiative to its clients. It gives the injured of MVA an acupuncture treatment to help patients. It offers 12 pre-approved sessions. Take your ICBC claim number and get your appointment today to get rid of pains and accelerate your recovery from injuries.

With an active ICBC claim, thereโ€™s no need for you to pay for 12 pre-approved sessions. This is directly billed to ICBC.

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