Naturopathic medicine is a universal method that uses natural therapies for self-healing. This method of treatment is used since 1890 but during the last few years, its popularity has increased. According to naturopathic medicine, “nature is the most effective and reliable healer”. The diagnoses involve identifying the cause of the disease and treating it using natural therapy.

Naturopathy is working on the objective of educating a person to take care of his/her health and family and reducing the signs of any ailment. Also, to ensure that a specific disease is not faced in the future. The roots of naturopathic medicine are based on the impact of a healthy diet, sunlight, and exercise. Multiple therapies support naturopathy.

You will undergo a 60 min initial assessment. It covers a detailed examination, history taking to find the root cause of your condition. The assessment may also include further lab testing if needed.
Most of major insurances cover Naturopathic Medicine but take note that it may vary. Please check it with your provider.
Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a healing process for injuries. PRP injections can cure the torn or injured tendons, skin, joints, muscles, and ligaments of a human body. It not only repairs body tissues but also enhances the functionality of diseased tissues.
Most people suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D. Scientists and doctors have recommended sitting in the sunlight three times a week to accumulate enough amount of vitamin D in your body so that you may not suffer from the diseases quickly. But if you cannot sit in the sunlight and want to retain the required amount of vitamin D in your body then you can take vitamin D therapy. You can take the supplements as well as the injections of the vitamin. In this regard, you can take vitamin D injection therapy that consists of an injection that you can take on top of your arm and it has a rich amount of vitamin D.
The injection of vitamin D cannot be taken on your own. You need a professional for this purpose. You need to take this on regular basis to get the benefits from this therapy. The physician will also recommend you eat foods that have vitamin D in them. This therapy can be used as a treatment of deficiency of vitamin D as well as for Osteoporosis. This injection can also leave effects on your body like there may be a swelling on the part where it is injected. Moreover, it can also cause weakness and change the taste of your mouth. You should inform your doctor if any of the signs appear. Make sure to share all your health details with your professional because without doing it if you take this therapy you may face side effects.
B complex injection is a sterile solution which is made up of essential vitamins in the vitamin B group, including B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6
Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection therapy that stimulates the body’s natural healing methods to strengthen joints weakened by any trauma or injury. The approach is unlike steroid injections that defeat the immune system. The body has the inherent strength to heal itself. Naturopathic experts refer to this as “the healing power of nature.” Prolotherapy can help activate the body’s resilience to heal itself by initiating it in the immune system.
Trigger point injection is a type of naturopathic modality that helps to reduce pain in your muscle skeleton. It decreases muscle tensions. It aids the patients to save from myofascial pain syndrome, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. Most people prefer their neck, arms, and back to take this injection.
Adrenal shot helps to boost the energy of your body. This can help people who have a super-busy life and are always exposed to severe stress.
Slim shots help to maintain the level of hormones in your body. The experts recommend one shot per week. This schedule continues for the first eight weeks. After eight weeks, the assessment is necessary to make sure you are losing weight by this technique.

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