Mi-lim Kim is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P) of Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Coquitlam. She obtained a Bachelor of Korean Medicine from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. She has 15 years of clinical experience. Initially, she became interested in Science Philosophy and Eastern Philosophy while studying Art Philosophy at Seoul National University. To have a career that would enable her to continue learning humans and helping others throughout her life, she decided to become a Traditional Korean Medical Doctor.

While operating an INURI Korean Medical Clinic in Korea, she gained clinical experience as a family Oriental Medicine physician specializing in children. She treated acute infectious diseases, chronic rhinitis, cough, pneumonia, eczema, skin burn, mental concentration problems, growth, and premature puberty in children and adolescents. She managed their parents, who balanced work and childcare for headaches, muscle pain, menstrual pain, chronic fatigue, and infertility. Also, their grandparents, who took responsibility for childcare instead of busy parents, complained of degenerative joint pain to her, so she healed their pains and took care of stroke prevention. Sometimes families involved in car accidents preferred her clinic if they have kids or babies. She felt great satisfaction in helping improve their relationships by treating them as a family unit, discussing their conflicts together, and resolving their physical and psychological complaints by making patients understand their diseases, herbal medicine for internal and external uses, and many treatment skills like Acupunctures, Trigger Point Therapy, Moxibustions, Cupping, Kinesiotaping, etc.

She primarily focuses on relieving the discomfort that patients experience daily despite having no abnormalities in their medical test results. She believes that it is essential to improve the discomfort that no one explains, such as “Why does my headache continue?”, “Why are my eyes dry?”, “Why are my feet cold?”, “Why do I keep waking up and going to the bathroom all night?”, “Why does my kid dislike to eat?”, “Why do I still have pains though the accident went through long time ago?”, “Why is my skin wound not healing properly?”, etc. Although there are no problems in medical examinations, traditional medicine can diagnose which balance is disrupted and causing such symptoms, predict which disease will occur if this sign is not controlled, and treat them. Additionally, as most symptoms come from imbalances in one’s constitution and temperament, diet, lifestyle, and physical and mental activities, individualized coaching for lifestyle management is necessary. She explains that traditional medicine has a prominent advantage in these two areas. She hopes to help patients escape from diseases and discomforts and prevent significant diseases by raising their natural healing power.

When she has free time, she reads detective stories, watches Japanimation, and talks about them with her children. She is trying to do weight training regularly to enjoy eating enough food and prevent aging. She likes to grow pot plants. Her favorites are ivy and rubber trees.

Therapist Qualifications:

  • Graduated from Kyung Hee University in South Korea(2008); Major in Korean Medicine
  • Licensed Korean Medical Doctor (ID: #18070)
  • IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (ID: # L-117489)
  • Conestoga College in Ontario, Fitness and Health Promotion Program (2020)
  • OFC member, Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario
  • R.TCM.P, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (ID: #102852)

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