Dr. Chris Park is a renowned Chiropractic Doctor and the Clinic Director of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness, with facilities located in CoquitlamSurrey, and Langley, BC. Born to a father who was an Obstetrician and a mother who served as a professor, Dr. Park naturally developed a deep passion for both healthcare and education from a young age.

In 2014, Dr. Park earned his Chiropractic Doctor’s degree from the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences, achieving Dean’s Honours List recognition. His academic prowess was further underscored by receiving the Institutional Based Financial Assistance Award for Canadian Students throughout his entire 4-year tenure in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program. Before delving into chiropractic, he accomplished his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Ontario, securing an Honours Double Major in Biology and Medical Sciences.

Having lived on both the East Coast and West Coast of Canada and the USA, Dr. Park’s vast experiences across diverse geographies have enriched his perspective and approach towards holistic care. Vancouver, BC, with its stunning landscapes and thriving healthcare community, has become his cherished home.

At Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley, Dr. Park has carved out a niche in pain management, motor-vehicle injuries and rehabilitation, and sports medicine. His extensive involvement with medical teams across various sport events — including Taekwondo, rugby, football, and mixed martial arts — showcases his commitment to holistic athlete care. He further bolstered his credentials during a clinical rotation at the Veterans Affair West Los Angeles Medical Center, teaming up with other healthcare professionals to provide much-needed chiropractic treatments to veterans.

Over the years, Dr. Park has been an esteemed guest speaker at numerous events and associations, delivering lectures on healthcare business, chiropractic practices, and the wider industry. His commitment to expanding his expertise led him to attend the Schroth Open Seminar in South Korea. Moreover, his comprehensive insights and firsthand experience have also led him to be featured on various YouTube channels, where he provides an introduction to the Canadian Rehab industry, emphasizing the importance and growth of chiropractic care in modern healthcare settings.

Licensed to practice chiropractic in both the United States and Canada, Dr. Park’s expertise is evident, having secured a top 10% status in both CCEB and NBCE examinations. He is a valued member of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. Moreover, his love for education continues to thrive as an adjunct professor at Trinity University, California, USA, where he imparts knowledge on Human Biomechanics and Basic Sciences through online courses.

Patients revere Dr. Park for his adeptness in weaving multiple therapies and modalities to treat those affected by motor vehicle accidents. His training spans Kinesiotaping, the Activator method, Cox Flexion-Distraction technique, Functional Movement Screening, and IASTM (FMT by Rockblade). Presently, he’s advancing his knowledge by pursuing a certification in Whiplash from the esteemed Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

Beyond the clinic, Dr. Park cherishes moments with family and friends. While he is recognized as a proficient chiropractic doctor in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley, he also relishes watching basketball, engaging in spirited Yahoo Fantasy NBA games, exploring the beauty of Vancouver, and driving down south to liaise with his esteemed colleagues in the States.

Therapist Qualifications

  • Graduate from University of Western Ontario
  • Honours Double Major in Biology and Medical Sciences
  • Graduate from Southern California University of Health Science
  • Doctor of Chiropractic. Deans Honours List
  • Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in Canada and USA
  • Certified and Trained in Kinesiotaping, FMT, and FMS

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