Carrie Kim Carrie Kim is a Pilates Instructor of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness – Langley Willoughby.

Carrie initially studied Contemporary Dance at a university in South Korea. While studying at the university, she developed a keen interest in human body mechanics and movement.

Unfortunately, she injured her lower back during the dance practice.

As a result of her injury, she had to take a break from her studies and desperately sought treatment to restore her health.

Luckily, she was introduced to Pilate, which helped her regain her health.

After that, she became a Pilates Instructor with a passion for helping others struggling with similar problems.

She completed Wellness Pilates certificates in Sydney Australia, and worked in Physiotherapy clinics in Sydney helping clients with lower back/shoulder injuries and MVA injuries. Carrie is ready to bring her experience and knowledge to her clients at Evergreen.


 Pilates Instructor
 Completed Wellness Pilates certificates in Sydney Australia
 Worked in Physiotherapy clinics in Sydney
 Studied Contemporary Dance in South Korea


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