Brandon Yoon

Brandon Yoon is a licensed Kinesiologist serving Evergreen Brentwood in Burnaby, BC and Coquitlam, BC.

Brandon completed his undergraduate studies in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University in 2023, and is currently a practicing member of the BCAK. He is currently providing his services in active rehabilitation at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness in Coquitlam, and is committed to uphold their standards of professional service and client-centered care.

Brandon’s interest in active rehabilitation began in high school, when his father underwent an arduous recovery process after a complete Achilles tendon rupture. He would often accompany his father during his active therapy sessions, and was inspired by the clear difference a structured exercise program made on his father’s recovery.

Brandon’s expertise lies in designing and implementing personalized exercise and rehabilitation programs to optimize progression, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. He has a proven track record in helping ICBC and WorkSafeBC clients achieve their goals relating to functional capacity, activities of daily living, and return-to-work. He recognizes the interconnectedness between physical, emotional, and social factors, and focuses his efforts on empowering his clients to foster long-term wellness and independence.

Brandon considers himself to be a lifelong learner, and is a firm believer in continuing education as a means to advance his patient care.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University
  • Registered Kinesiologist, BCAK
  • Completed Stott Pilates Spinal, Pelvis, and Scapular Stabilization: Reformer – RR1 Course

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