WorkSafeBC is a statutory agency, which operates in the British Columbia that came into existence in 1917 after the Workers Compensation Act passed in 1902. The main goal of this agency is to provide physiotherapy services to injured workers that seek medical help urgently.

Some occupational claims should be reported to make service free of charge. Physiotherapists carry out an extensive assessment to work barriers to ensure the treatment.

To ensure the safest return of the injured worker, Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Physiotherapists may contact the employer and WCB adjudicator. The services of WorkSafeBC also include decision making together by making the clients engaged to satisfy them. The industries that WorkSafeBC entertains are agriculture, manufacturing, health care and social services, and construction under different service providers.

Workers are seeing a Registered Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness clinic to help you:

These registered physiotherapists at the clinic help you with the different situations and injuries to get into the normal working hours. The Following are the main goals of therapy;

  • Physiotherapists help you in the fast recovery of workplace injury
  • They help you return to work safely as soon as possible without delaying a minute
  • Therapists suggest you with preventive measures that can cause the reoccurrence of a similar injury.

Want to book an appointment at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic? Call us at 604-449-5859 to find the best solution. We will help you to enjoy a painless and healthy lifestyle.

Questions asked by the Physiotherapist during the Initial Visit:

There are different responsibilities of physiotherapists which they have to come up with. The Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Physiotherapists proceed with the treatment after;

  • Asking questions about work injury
  • Explaining the expectations with treatment
  • Explaining the role you’ll play to make the treatment successful
  • Providing the plan of when and how you can return to work

WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy

How do WorkSafeBC Physiotherapists Work?

WorkSafeBC entertains work-related injuries. The claim process is important as it pays for your first visit by confirming whether the claim number is registered with WorkSafeBC or not. After the approval, WorkSafeBC’s physiotherapists provide you the required treatment. No referral is needed to claim. The least requirement is you must ensure the claim of the contract with WorkSafeBC to proceed with the physiotherapy treatment of injured workers. The services include;

  • Standard treatment
  • Post-surgical treatment
  • Neurological treatment
  • Hydrotherapy treatment

Approved terms don’t require the fee of service. To get the treatment;

1. Report the injury to your employer

2. See your physiotherapist

3. Report your injury to WorkSafeBC

  • In the missed-work situation, contact “Teleclaim contact center 1-888-WORKERS (1.888.967.5377)”
  • Or fill out the application form for compensation or occupational disease i.e. form 6

4. Book the appointment to physiotherapy clinic under work-related injury

Want to book an appointment at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic? Call us at 604-449-5859 to find the best solution. We will help you to enjoy a painless and healthy lifestyle.

Our Physiotherapists

Tyler Chong
Tyler Chong Physiotherapist
Tyler is a Registered Physiotherapist and Clinical Supervisor at the Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam. He achieved a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2015
Tyler Chong
Audrey Kim Physiotherapist
Audrey is a Registered Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness in Coquitlam. Audrey obtained her Masters of Physical Therapy..
Rachel Kuan
Rachel Kuan Physiotherapist
Rachel is an Interim Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness. Born and raised in Vancouver, Rachel’s interest to work in the field of physiotherapy
Jakub Pawlak
Jakub Pawlak Physiotherapist
Jakub is an Interim Physiotherapist at Evergreen Clinic. Jakub is a huge proponent of continuing education and incorporating the latest research and evidence into his treatments.
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Physiotherapist
Daniel Kim is a Registered Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness- Coquitlam. Dan completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are important for the physiotherapist to ask. These questions let him/her know about the activities performed by the patient at work. It helps the physiotherapist to;

  • Understand how the activity and set up of workplace affected your body movement and work-ability
  • Give you advice on when and how you can return to your work safely with precautionary measures
  • Give you the advice to take safety measurements that prevent the recurrence of the same injury

Physiotherapy sessions include non-force and gentle touch to make the patient feel better and return to work safely again. The physical treatments that physiotherapy sessions include are;

  • Exercise – The specific exercises against the gravity or weight for the recovery are recommended by the physiotherapists that increase the strength, function, and mobility of the affected area.
  • Inflammation control – To control inflammation, ice and laser treatment is recommended.
  • Pain control – The several pain conditions are treated by ice, heat, stretching, and mild electrical stimulation
  • Manual Therapy – The best and effective way i.e. hands-on treatment for the recovery
  • Hydrotherapy – Wet exercises are way more beneficial wonder than the exercises done on the dry land.
  • Education – prevent the reoccurrence of a similar injury by avoiding specific gestures and tools.
  • Home Program – The exercises that can be done on the person’s own.

Furthermore, the physiotherapists guide the number of treatments you need to attend the Shelburne Physiotherapy Clinic. The return to work date will also be suggested by the physiotherapist. The questions must be asked by the patient from physiotherapists that are related to the treatment.

All the serious incidents and injuries that require treatment must be reported immediately or within the 3 days of occurrence. The WorkSafeBC Prevention Emergency Line is 604 276-3301 in the Lower Mainland. Also, you can try the toll-free i.e. 1 888 621-7233.

  • Loss of consciousness of the worker
  • Worker transported to the hospital
  • Worker is receiving the medical treatment
  • Intention seeking medical treatment
  • Subsequently, the worker is unable to return
  • The breakage of an artificial member or hearing aid during an accident

The answer to this question holds important information.

If the injury is reported to the employer and WorkSpaceBC, then you’ll be provided with the claim number.

If the claim number gets approval then WordSpaceBC pays for all the dues to the psychotherapist.

If the claim number doesn’t get approval, then the reporter has to pay the dues.

If the approval is pending then the WorkSpaceBC will pay for the initial visit to a psychotherapist. However, the patient will pay for the private visits if required until the approval.

If the approval is pending and gets rejected on the day of the initial visit, then the psychotherapist will bill the WorkSpaceBC and reimburse you for the further pays.

The following numbers are given on which you can make a call;

  • General claim or entitlement inquiries
  • Toll-free 1 888 967-5377

After which you’ll be issued with a claim number which depends upon the approval. You’ll give the claim number to the Shelburne physiotherapy front desk. Keep the claim number close to your hand so you can call for queries.

An injured person should visit the doctor when;

  • Significantly, the situation changes.
  • Psychotherapist recommends
  • WordSpaceBC is not receiving the progress reports to continue the compensation payments.