Active Rehabilitation is one of the most sought after therapy for those who would like to recover from injuries, motor vehicle accidents and such. This is an evidence-based therapy in which you have the most important role in this session. It provides a controlled environment where your body repairs and recovers from a specific recovery. This approach helps you correct body mechanics and restore mobility to affected areas through a customized treatment.

At Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinics, we offer Active Rehab programs based on the needs and condition of our clients. We create customized treatment plans where they can maximize all services especially with Kinesiology or Active Rehab Sessions.

With professional practitioners, we would be able to provide best in quality health services, programs within our modern and state of the art health clinic in the most convenient locations.

So should you really try out recovery programs in Active Rehab at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic? Let’s find out!

Reasons To Try Active Rehab as your Recovery Program:

It Promotes Movement that Leads to Repair of Damaged Areas

For rehab experts, it is highly recommended to move in spite of having injuries. Movement helps you greatly as it promotes repair in the damaged areas. In just a span of a few days, the body could start its healing process through proper movements. With this, it helps in the repair of the damaged tissues.

Conditions such as sprain, joint conditions, arthritis, motor vehicle accidents and more can be addressed properly through active rehab treatment plans

It Helps Your Recovery Faster

Let’s be honest, it may be a faster recovery but it’s not magic! Rehabilitation still takes time. As we’ve said previously, you have the most important role in this treatment plan, the active participation on your end. It gets faster than waiting because we do proper exercises which are led by a professional kinesiologist. With these exercises, specific muscle groups and joints are led back to its flexibility, range of motion and strength. It also reduces the risk of future injuries and accelerates recovery efficiently.

It Helps You With Your Pain and Discomfort

Injuries are indeed painful and give us too much discomfort. But with active rehab sessions, it will help you reduce the pain, discomfort, it will also help you improve the range of motion in your damaged area while increasing your strength and endurance. You will feel better after accomplishing your treatment plan in no time.

It Helps You To  Be Resilient and Have Positive Mental State

Being unable to move and do your daily activities might be frustrating to you. It may make you feel unreliable knowing that you can do them prior to your accident or injury.

With active rehab sessions, your support group towards recovery widens as you have your professional practitioners helping you in your recovery, meeting new people in the gym, and so on and forth. These people will help you get motivated and inspired for every session.

We know that exercise also helps us in staying positive as it releases happy hormones in our brains that we almost forget that we are injured. It surely helps in your mental health when you take that customized treatment plan and be able to recover better without you realizing it.

At Evergreen Rehab & Wellness, we are passionate in giving the best quality of service to our clients as we abide by our mission of helping them live a pain free life.

Once we’re able to accomplish this, we’ll be able to promote great quality of living like they’ve never experienced before. That is why we are continuously expanding our reach to make a healthy lifestyle more available to our local clients in Canada.

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic are now in 4 different locations, trying to help more people live a healthier and living pain free everyday. We are available in Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley and now in Brentwood. We are located inside the Evolve Strength Gym within the Brentwood Mall in Vancouver. Having no time or schedule will no longer be a hurdle for we are located in a more convenient location just for you. Book for our FREE TRIAL at Evergreen Brentwood location and together, we aim to achieve better wellness.

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