Having back pains that you have been shrugging off for a while now?

This experience may be telling you something that you have to check with your body. In many cases, there is no urgency to see a spine specialist yet. Back pains are more likely caused by fatigue; maybe during your holiday spree or maybe you helped a neighbor finish taking out the snow in the road to prevent accidents. This doesn’t go away on its own. It may persist or become worse or may indicate a serious problem from your body that needs to be attended by a spine specialist.

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Your Back Pains

Awareness of the back pain issue could help but good understanding and communication with your body could save you from having more serious problems. So here are some of the reasons why you should not ignore your back pains:

Why Should You Not Ignore Your Back Pains?

1. Your Body is Telling You Something

Back Pains could tell you that something is wrong internally or externally. It may be because of bad posture that you always do at work, lifted heavy items that strained your back or your bed that gives you a not so comfortable sleeping position because it needs to be replaced. If back pains prolong further, you may need to check in for an assessment

2. It Affects Your Quality of Life due to Limited Mobility

Having a hard time getting something on the floor? Or during prolonged standing in the grocery, do you get uncomfortable? It’s not because of your aging, but it’s all because of your back pains. If you have this, it affects the quality of your everyday life because you cannot even play with your kids or move around to do home errands.

3. Can Lead to Chronic Pain

Back pains could worsen if not attended to immediately. If the pain lasts for more than 12 weeks, it can be totally challenging to manage. Seek treatment for your back pain early on to prevent them from affecting your daily activities that limit you to enjoy life

4. It Can be A More Serious Condition

Serious problems could be identified through the simple symptoms of back pain like scoliosis, spinal stenosis, or even worse conditions like cancer. These conditions don’t often happen, it is still important to see a specialist if back pain is getting severe and lasts a longer time than usual or comes with other symptoms like uncontrolled bowels or bladder issues, or even fever.

5. It Can Be Treated

Most cases of back pain can be addressed and treated through various programs and methods. Surgery may be needed in some but most of the time, it’s easier than what you can imagine. One of the best options is to engage yourself into wellness programs such as Pilates Sessions, Physiotherapy, Active Rehab Programs, Massage Therapies and more. With your back pains, you can see a licensed chiropractor and have your initial assessment to prevent chronic back pains to worsen.

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Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic could help you address unexplained back pains and overcome them eventually through our different wellness programs individually tailored-fit for every client to achieve recovery better.

Back Pain is one of the most common health problem of most of our clients due to different factors yet we are happy to know that they are excellently satisfied and feeling the relief in pain.

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