In Traditional Chinese Medicine, health is perceived as a harmonious balance of the complimentary extremes of yin and yang of the life force known as Qi, pronounced “chi”. For them, an imbalance to this leads to illness. Acupuncture treatment is rooted in TCM and is now a common complimentary treatment practiced worldwide. This treatment aims to balance the Qi that flows through meridians or pathways of the body that are believed to be responsible for various health issues.

Acupuncture uses thin needles to insert at different locations and depths of the human body, accessing the meridians and energy flows with right combinations to help in reviving the energy flow back into balance. Placing needles at these acupuncture points may affect the processing of pain in the central nervous system and muscles, increasing the blood flow in certain parts of the body. This treatment can be used for therapeutic or preventive purposes, likewise can be treated as a form of complementary or alternative medicine (CAM).

What is the Purpose of Acupuncture Treatment?

This kind of treatment is beneficial in promoting the natural healing process of the body, restoring balance, and nurturing the human’s overall health and well-being. Often used to treat different ranges of health conditions.

Acupuncture treatment could be used for:

  1. Pain relief for various types of pain, including migraine, headaches, chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, and menstrual cramps;
  2. Stress and anxiety reduction and relaxation as this helps in releasing endorphins that are known as natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body;
  3. Improving of overall physical and mental well-being by restoring and balancing the body’s flow energy in the body;
  4. Managing chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, digestive disorders, and insomnia by using it as a complementary therapy. This can help in managing its symptoms and improve the well-being for individuals with these conditions;
  5. Support for other treatments with conventional medical treatments to enhance their effectiveness or reduce side effects.

To see further improvements, a few sessions of acupuncture can be recommended by your medical professionals.

You may consider acupuncture treatment option for:

  • Chronic long-term pain
  • Chronic tension-type headaches
  • Migraines
  • Prostatitis symptoms
  • Hiccups

It could also use as a treatment to other conditions and symptoms such as:

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Cancer symptoms such as pain
  • Side effects of cancer treatment such as feeling or being sick from chemotherapy
  • Feeling sick or being sick after surgery

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Acupuncture Treatment

What are the possible risks that I should consider before going to an acupuncture treatment?

Despite having low risk of side effects and being used as a flexible form of medical treatment that resolves various health concerns all at once. Acupuncture treatment also has its own risks.

These risks can include:

  • Experience of bleeding, bruising, and soreness of the body parts that have been inserted by the needles.
  • Gaining infection due to unsterilized needles
  • In some cases, a needle can possibly break and damage an internal organ.

Patients are highly discouraged from drinking alcohol, eating too much, and taking any sedatives four (4) hours before going to your acupuncture session.

How is Acupuncture Performed?

Initially, an acupuncturist will examine the patient through performing physical examination and checking its medical history to determine and assess the current condition of their general health.

In this procedure, patients will either sit or lie down and be asked to remove some of their clothes during the procedure to insert one or more acupuncture needles into certain places on the body based on your condition, which medical practitioners call as acupuncture points.

Expect that several points and needles may be used in your body during a typical session, depending on the symptoms you have. The needles used are thin and a few centimeters long. They should be single-use, pre-sterilized, and disposable immediately after use. The needles may be inserted just under the skin, or deeper to reach the muscle. They may be left in position for a few minutes up to around 30 minutes.

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In this session, you may feel a tingling or a dull ache when the needles are inserted. If you experience any significant pain, let your practitioner know straight away.

Before trying acupuncture treatment, a person should always seek medical advice.

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