Back pain has been a rampant concern of many nowadays. It affects among 80% of the population that they experience back pain once in their lifetime. As per research, this is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.

However, most individuals ignore back pains more often due to the critical demands of our daily errands. Being aware of what to do and NOT to do when you experience back pains is truly essential to prevent them from getting worse.

What are the Common Causes of Back Pain?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you experience back pain. But some of the most common causes are:

  • Improper Lifting: repeatedly use of muscles incorrectly could lead to strain back muscles and spine ligaments. Constant strain lead to muscle spasms if not attended properly
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: this decreases the flexibility of your muscles and increases the stiffness of the area that is seldom moving.
  • Arthritis: Factors like Osteoarthritis can affect lower back pains. Arthritis in the spine narrows the space surrounding the spinal cord which is called spinal stenosis.
  • Osteoporosis: painful breaks in the bones could be developed as it becomes weak and brittle.
  • Scoliosis: it causes pain in the back due to strain on the nerves and joints, or sometimes due to pressure in the joints and poor posture
  • Poor Posture: when improper pressure goes to the spine, it weakens the muscle tissue in your lower back wherein joints are pushed to their tolerable threshold that leads to back pain.
    • Common Habits of Poor Posture
      • Slouching or sitting slumped in the chair
      • Lying on your stomach on bed while reading, working and the like
      • Unsupported sitting on your bed and working on a laptop
      • Using one hand while sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner with long arm movements
      • Hunch walking without supporting the head or trunk
      • Hunching forward while weeding the garden of doing the dishes
      • Too much sitting time in front of your office table
      • Bending your back while lifting heavy objects off the floor

What Should You NOT Do When You Experience Back Pain?

Do Not Sleep Lying On Your Belly

NOT To Do When You Have Back Pain

You may be doing this but unconsciously it gives you a negative effect on your back. Stretching your back while doing this position worsens your back pain because it increases the pressure on your spine and joints that flattens the natural curve of your spine. Overtime, it will also cause neck strain for twisting/turning your neck for long periods of time.

Avoid Bed Rest or Lying Down During Back Pain

It may seem to be a good idea to stretch your back and lie down while you’re having back pain. However, if you aren’t moving your muscles, it may worsen your experience as it will make your muscles more stiff and may become weaker that will lead to increased back pain. Instead, moving and being active is a better way to overcome back pain. Doing exercise such as stretching, low impact exercises or as simple as walking could help you to loosen up your tight muscles and strengthen your spinal stability.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

Just like as mentioned about bed rest, it is better to keep yourself moving and engage in different physical activities that would help you loosen up those muscles and help engage your core to lessen the pressure in your spine.

Reduce from Repetitive Bending

Repetitive muscle strain and improper engagement of your muscles could lead to further injury of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and your joints. To pick up something which requires to bend over you may use your knees and hips instead of the waist (looks like you’re doing a squat) to avoid twisting your back to reach for something.

Avoid Specific Exercises

When we say you have to move around to lessen the stiffness of your muscles, you must be aware that NOT all exercises are okay to do because it may worsen your condition. Make sure to have low impact exercises or have your Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist guide you in doing such exercises. Sit ups, leg lifts, weight lifting and other high impact exercises are those that you should avoid while having back pains.

Stop Lifting Heavy Things or Twisting Your Back

This is one of the most common factors why people have back pains, they repetitively are in a bad posture when lifting or bending over. Due to the demands of our daily lives, people push themselves too hard to meet their needs. However, if you strained your back and are dealing with pain, you have to take a pause, consult your nearest clinic to whom you can ask for help to address your back pains. Continuous lifting and twisting may prolong and worsen your condition.

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