What is a Therapeutic Ultrasound?

When hearing ‘ultrasound,’ we often relate it to ‘pregnancy,’ but with this post, we will talk about therapeutic ultrasound used by physiotherapists to take images of organs and soft tissues.

Using therapeutic ultrasound is vital for the treatment of soft tissue injuries.  It sent sound waves into the tissues through a metal soundhead containing a quartz crystal.  For efficient transfer of waves, there is a need to apply a coupling gel to the skin.  Then, the sound waves cause molecular vibration, which then turns into heat energy. It uses different frequencies depending on the amount of penetration required.

Ultrasound is generally painless. It is often used to treat tissues such as muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and joint capsules.

What does Therapeutic Ultrasound do?

A physiotherapist may use therapeutic ultrasound to deep heat the soft tissues to improve blood circulation to those tissues. Theoretically, this may improve healing and reduce discomfort.

Also, this can help improve the muscle’s flexibility and improve your range of motion.

A physiotherapist may also apply therapeutic ultrasound to create a rapid contraction and expansion of microscopic gas bubbles or cavitation surrounding the damaged tissues. And, this can help to speed up the healing process.

What are the Effects of a Therapeutic Ultrasound?

  • Increased circulation and metabolism of cells
  • Breaking up and softening scar tissue
  • Reducing inflammation or swelling
  • Diminishing muscle spasms and relaxation of muscles
  • Relieving acute and chronic pain
  • Enhancement of natural healing processes

What Conditions is Therapeutic Ultrasound Used for?

Therapeutic ultrasound is frequently used to alleviate chronic pain and to promote tissue repair. It may be advised if you have any of the following:

  • Sport injuries
  • Shoulder pain such as frozen shoulder
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ligament and tendon Injuries
  • Tightness of the joints
  • Lower back pain
  • Sprains

What can you Expect with a Therapeutic Ultrasound?

During a therapeutic ultrasound, a physiotherapist will apply a conductive gel to the targeted area. Then it will slide a transducer head gradually back and forth on the skin. The Physiotherapist may alter the depth of penetration of the waves based on the assessment result and your current condition. It will commonly last around five to ten minutes and be applied no more than once per day.

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