Have you been suffering from a dull, aching pain that radiates from your lower back? Or did you bend over too quickly and are now experiencing a sharp, stabbing pain that makes it uncomfortable to move?

For many people, the answer will be “yes” to at least one of the questions. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst adults. This isn’t surprising, since your lower back is responsible for supporting your upper body and is what gives you the mobility to perform everyday actions, such as twisting and turning.

However, before you consider treatments such as medication or steroid injections to get you back on your feet, there are more holistic approaches that can provide back pain relief. Read on to learn more about lower back pain and some natural and effective remedies.

What causes lower back pain?

The Causes and Treatments of Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, one of which is a pulled muscle. This is a typically acute, but severely painful episode that can last for more than a day. You can pull a muscle by lifting heavy objects, twisting your body too quickly or simply bending over the wrong way. This can happen more easily if you are not physically active regularly, allowing your muscles to become tense and prone to sprains.

Chronic conditions, ranging from osteoarthritis to spinal stenosis, are also causes of lower back pain. Any condition that impacts either the bone, muscle or tissue in the spine and back will most likely result in lower back pain. Typically, these chronic conditions get worse over time and greatly reduce one’s quality of life.

What symptoms are related to lower back pain?

The symptoms of lower back pain can vary and typically depend on the cause. If you injured yourself while playing a sport or by moving the wrong way, then you can expect sharp pain and muscle spasms. While uncomfortable, with proper rest and treatment the pain will subside and you should be able to resume your normal activities.

However, chronic conditions can cause a dull, radiating pain that rarely goes away. You may also feel a burning sensation that runs down your leg and to your feet. Difficulty standing, walking and sitting are also symptoms that may persist with lower back pain caused by a chronic condition.

What treatments can help lower back pain?

While several medications can help ease lower back pain, they are typically narcotics with potentially harmful side effects. Steroids injections and surgery are also options, but these are very invasive and risky procedures.

Alternatively, many safe and effective treatment options provide a more holistic approach to lower back pain relief. One form of treatment is manual manipulation, where a chiropractor or other professional will examine your back, isolate the cause and manually treat your condition. The professional will also show you various exercises for lower back pain that you can perform on your own to prevent the discomfort from coming back.

Massage therapy is another form of treatment that has shown positive results in treating lower back pain. Essentially, a massage therapist will apply different levels of pressure to your back to help relieve the muscle tension. There are several stretches for lower back pain that the massage therapist will perform on you as well, in an attempt to restore your range of motion and increase your flexibility.

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