Since Joseph Pilates developed his fitness programme in the early 1900s, people have benefited from it and appreciated the many advantages it offers. Originally intended as a substitute for disabled dancers, it has developed into a widespread craze that is now followed by more than 12 million individuals worldwide. Pilates is a low impact exercise, therefore your joints won’t be stressed out as you exercise. For thousands of people who cannot engage in high impact exercises, this is a fantastic alternative. Pilates can have surprisingly effective muscle-strengthening effects when correctly and frequently introduced into daily living.

Learn more about the recuperative advantages of Pilates if you enjoy it or are just considering giving it a try someday by reading on!


Conditions Pilates Can Help


Osteoporosis is a growing concern as it affects 1 out of 2 women and 1 out of 4 men by the age of 50.  Low bone mass and bone tissue degeneration are the hallmarks of osteoporosis, which raises the risk of fractures, particularly in the hip, spine, wrist, and shoulder. A focused Pilates regimen focuses on bone and muscle strength, directly preventing the loss of further bone mass and even counteracting the symptoms of osteoporosis. Pilates emphasizes alignment with weight-bearing movements while also bolstering the core, spine, and legs—essential for anyone with osteoporosis or the condition’s precursor.


Hypermobility syndrome

A multi-system illness that has an effect on joint flexibility, proprioception (your sense of where you are in space), and is related with anxiety and the fright-fight-flight responses! In order to cultivate a sense of center and internal stability and to soothe the nervous system, Pilates retrains movement patterns, increases proprioception, and initiates and sequences the contraction of muscles. This results in the formation of new neuromuscular connections.


Surprising Conditions Pilates Helps Treat

Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

People who are undergoing pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation may find Pilates to be especially helpful. Pilates can strengthen the muscles near the surgical site, increase flexibility, and encourage calm through breathing exercises prior to surgery. Pilates helps hasten the healing process after surgery by increasing range of motion, easing stiffness, and enhancing general physical and mental health.

For patients having orthopedic procedures, such as knee or hip replacements, Pilates can be very beneficial during post-surgery rehabilitation. To address restrictions and work within the range of motion permitted by the surgery, Pilates routines can be modified. Pilates can also enhance balance and stability, circulate more blood, and relieve pain and inflammation.

Working with a qualified Pilates expert who can customize your program to your unique requirements and limits is crucial. Pilates therapy before and after surgery can be a secure and efficient technique to encourage recovery and enhance general health and wellbeing.


Muscle Strength in the Elderly

Our posture shifts as we become older; we get more rounded, and in the most extreme circumstances, a person may become stooped.  When you have rounded posture, the curve of your spine will change, which will cause the joints to get compressed. This can lead to impingement at the shoulder joint, which can make it difficult to lift your arms.  It becomes more difficult to reach objects stored higher up in cabinets, which can lead to falls.  Reaching up is the most common cause of accidents that result in falling.  These problems will be addressed by the movements of Pilates, which will improve posture and shoulder mobility.


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