Physiotherapy as an Integral Part of Sports Medicine

Sports physiotherapists are concerned about sports-related injuries, diagnose and treat them, and help the patient with professional advice to avoid injuries in the future. They are professional people and can be seen in various settings, including clinics, sports organizations, and private practices.

Sports physiotherapists are skilled, registered, and educated persons who help the patients to enjoy a healthy life for a long time by maintaining their physical activities and improving daily performances. They help to keep our body active, which prevents many diseases and treat many injuries and illnesses. They work with top professional players and educate them on how to prevent yourself from injuries during games.

At Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic, we have professional sports physiotherapists that can help you other current injuries and provide ways on how to avoid recurring injuries.

Role of Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine

Sports physiotherapists offer a variety of services to maintain your physical health goals. During the process of treatment, they educate their patients about exercise programs which fasten the treatment process and strengthen their muscles.

The method of assessment by sports physiotherapists is different and consists of your physical activities, health history, and other important information that help them to prescribe you with the best exercise program to achieve health goals.

They can also suggest you eat Nutritional supplements that will help your body maintain nutrients, and in return, you will be able to do strenuous physical activities.

Injury rehabilitation can be done through several methods of sports physiotherapy. Various physiotherapy treatment effectively helps in lessening the swelling and pain of injury. This process can also reduce the recovery time and ferocity of injury. Sports physiotherapists also apply various methods of treatment that strengthen the muscles and lessen the stress of tissues that will result in relief from pain.

Sports physiotherapists will suggest some effective exercise programs which will help you to maintain physical health without affecting the injury. Sports medicine physiotherapists prescribe some muscle strengthening exercises, including stretching, which will enhance the ability to regain the mobility of the affected area.

Sports physiotherapists also advise sport-related equipment such as shoes for runners and knee ligaments for basketball players. The equipment consists of specific qualities and made up for players that prevent the players from getting injured due to stress on tissues. For example, a custom knee brace for basketball players ensures the proper functioning of the knee during stress.

What are the conditions treated by Sports Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists deal with a variety of sports-related issues. The following are some of them: Sports physiotherapists can treat head injuries such as temporary unconsciousness or concussion. Concussion may occur due to hitting of football or something else on the head, which may be the cause of trauma to the brain. A concussion is usually dizziness but may lead to a severe condition if left untreated. So, sports physiotherapists help the patient to regain full recovery of health.

Sports physiotherapists also deal with joint-related injuries such as sprains and strains. There is a famous injury related to sports known as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL); sports medicine physiotherapists also recover from these joint injuries.

Maintenance of muscles is an essential thing for a player, and muscle injuries can lead to acute or chronic pain. Arthritis is the disorder of muscles that cause inflammation; sports physiotherapists help the players to maintain themselves and prevent them from these types of injuries.

Individuals who are looking for significant change in their activities should consult and work with a sports physiotherapist. He will help you by providing you a particular exercise program which will keep you active. Our Sports physiotherapists are skilled and experienced, ready to help you with the training schedule and techniques, which will help you improve and maintain your fitness level without affecting your body's muscles and joints.

Treatment of Common Injuries by Sports Physiotherapists

  • Treatment of joint-related injuries
  • Metatarsalgia (Painful Inflammation of the ball of your foot)
  • Whiplash (neck injury)
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Swollen muscles
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Dislocations
  • Herniated disc
  • Heat Illness
  • Achilles tendon injuries (mostly occur in runners)
  • Road Rash (skin injury by abrasion with the road surface)
  • Shoulder Arthritis
  • Ankle Sprains (cause due to awkward turning of the ankle)
  • Fractured Ribs
  • Groin Injuries (mostly occur in athletes)
  • Muscular Injuries
  • Kneecap pain (pain around the patella of the knee)
  • Low back pain
  • Tendonitis of the shoulder (inflammation of biceps tendon)
  • Overtraining Injuries
  • Runner’s knee injury
  • Thoracic injuries (chest injury)
  • Spinal cord injury (damage of spinal nerves)
  • Plantar fasciitis injuries (inflammation of the fascia, the thick band of tissues)
  • Pain along the shin bone (a large bone in front of the lower legs)
  • Sprains and strains
  • Heel spurs (calcium deposition in the heel bone)
  • Torn rotator cuff (injuries of the shoulder muscles)
  • Quadriceps pull or tears (due to acute stretch of the muscle)
  • Calf strains (imposing excess force at lower leg through the calf muscles)
  • Collateral Ligament injury (occur due to tearing of the ligament into two pieces)

How can we help you?

Our skilled and experienced sports physiotherapists can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your muscles, provide flexibility, balance, and body alignment. With the results of the assessment, they will provide your rehabilitation and exercise program that I according to your body need.

They will provide an injury rehabilitation program, a specific sports training exercise for improvement in performance, identify the predisposition part of your body to protect, and tape the injured area.

Our Physiotherapists

Tyler Chong
Tyler Chong Physiotherapist
Tyler is a Registered Physiotherapist and Clinical Supervisor at the Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam. He achieved a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2015
Tyler Chong
Audrey Kim Physiotherapist
Audrey is a Registered Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness in Coquitlam. Audrey obtained her Masters of Physical Therapy..
Rachel Kuan
Rachel Kuan Physiotherapist
Rachel is a Registered Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness. Born and raised in Vancouver, Rachel’s interest to work in the field of physiotherapy
Jakub Pawlak
Jakub Pawlak Physiotherapist
Jakub is a Registered Physiotherapist at Evergreen Clinic. Jakub is a huge proponent of continuing education and incorporating the latest research and evidence into his treatments.
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Physiotherapist
Daniel Kim is a Registered Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness- Coquitlam. Dan completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sciences at the University of British Columbia.
Jin Im
Jin Im Physiotherapist
Jin is an Interim Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness. Jin obtained his Master of Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia...
Jacky Shen
Jacky Shen Physiotherapist
Jacky is an Interim Physiotherapist at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in Coquitlam. Born and raised in BC, he obtained his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree...
Jonathan Tan
Jonathan Tan Physiotherapist
Jonathan is an Interim Physiotherapist of Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Coquitlam. He obtained his Master of Physical Therapy degree and also his Bachelor of Kinesiology...

Frequently Asked Questions

The time varies from person to person, depending on the severity of your injury or past medical history. It may be a one day visit, or maybe you need months to get a complete cure.

Usually, the treatment session lasts 30 to 40 minutes per visit.

Our whole team of Physiotherapists is registered.

Yes, you can request to see a particular physiotherapist when booking online and can make a schedule with them.

All major insurance companies recognize us, but you must contact your insurer to find the precise details.