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Our conveniently situated offices in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley provide a warm and relaxing setting for your chiropractic appointments. Our best Taiwanese-speaking chiropractors will provide you focused care to reduce pain, regain mobility, and improve your general health.

Our best Taiwanese-speaking chiropractors at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness can assist you if you need chiropractic therapy for back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other musculoskeletal problems. To address your unique difficulties and improve your spinal health, they will make use of a range of approaches.

Make an appointment with one of our top Taiwanese-speaking chiropractors at Evergreen Rehab & fitness to take the first step toward better health and fitness. Get the advantages of chiropractic treatment in the language of your choice. To arrange your appointment and start living pain-free and healthy, get in touch with us right now.

Book Evergreen's Top Taiwanese Speaking Chiropractors in Coquitlam, Surrey & Langley

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Dr. Abraham Pan
Dr. Abraham Pan Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Abraham Pan is a board certified Chiropractor. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian..

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There are various benefits to choosing Evergreen Rehab and Wellness for Taiwanese-speaking chiropractors in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley:

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Hands down my favorite chiropractor ever. Dr. Pan definitely loves his practice, because he is extremely knowledgeable about what he does. All around coolest !!!

PS. Evergreen Clinic Keep him at the Coquitlam location🙏🙏🙏 – Teegan L.



Great and professional service! They take their craft seriously; what I like the most about their service is that they keep detailed notes on your appointments so regardless of who you deal with next, they are aware of your body condition, and thus are in much position to help without you having to repeat or remind them of your current situation. – Jayden U.




I took a Chiropractic and a Physiotherapy session at the Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Coquitlam and was absolutely amazed and satisfied by the thoroughness of understanding my problem and symptoms. – Ashima M.

Direct Billing to ICBC and Major Insurance

Our direct billing option streamlines the procedure for you if you need chiropractic care that is insured by ICBC due to a motor vehicle accident. You won’t be required to deal with the insurance paperwork or make payments in advance. So that you may concentrate on your recovery and overall wellbeing, our staff will handle the invoicing directly with ICBC. This will streamline the administrative processes.

ICBC is not the only major insurance company that Evergreen Rehab and Wellness accepts for direct billing. In order to file claims directly on your behalf for chiropractic treatments, we have formed arrangements with a number of insurers. With the ease of direct invoicing, you may benefit from our chiropractic therapy regardless of whether you have extended health coverage or other insurance plans.

You may benefit from our chiropractic treatments while delegating the insurance details to Evergreen Rehab and Wellness. To ensure that you may put your health and wellbeing first, we want to provide you a smooth and stress-free experience.

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