Benefits of RMT

RMT ‘s most common use is in quick relief of mild to intense pain. The difference between a massage and taking a painkiller is that the painkiller is temporary and short lived. Additionally, painkillers often do not work well with certain forms of muscle, back or joint pain. Massage therapy, alongside chiropractic and physiotherapy, has a direct mechanical impact on muscles. Through physical manipulation, new blood is brought to the cells in ischemic tissue, otherwise known as oxygen deprived tissue and a primary reason for muscle spasms.

Registered massage treatment is not only used as maintenance in a healthy lifestyle but as a progressive routine resulting in high efficiency movement. Our Surrey/Guildford or Burnaby/Coquitlam/Lougheed massage therapists play an important role with the rest of our team to aid our patients in their recovery and management of their pain or disability.

The Evergreen massage department primarily works on soft tissue to alleviate and prevent muscle spasms around injured areas of the body prior to a physio or chiropractic adjustments. This allows for our patients to have painless joint manipulation session and a faster recovery.