Helping You to Recover with Motor Vehicle Injuries with MVA Physiotherapy

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) is a common reason for starting physiotherapy treatment in Coquitlam Clinic. Our skilled physiotherapists have years of experience in treating common MVA related injuries, and usually, the patients get recovery from injuries with the combination of Massage Therapy and Kinesiology.

If you live in Coquitlam and have been injured involving a registered vehicle and insured in BC, then ICBC will cover and pay for everyone injured in the accident, such as rider, cyclist, or pedestrian got hit and injured.

You can easily ask ICBC for your payment of physiotherapy treatment by showing them the prescription receipt on which the doctor confirms that you need physiotherapy treatment. ICBC will pay for your medical expenses, wage loss, and rehabilitation costs if you are injured in a car accident. ICBC provides you up to $300,000 for your medical expenses and rehabilitation services, which include physiotherapy.

How to Start with an ICBC Claim?

To get the benefits of your insurance plan from ICBC, you need to work on simple steps. The following are the steps to follow after you get in a car accident.

1.Call ICBC and file a claim.

First of all, report your injury by calling the ICBC center through 604-520-8222 or visit their official website and complete their easy online application form. Take in mind that this is the initial start of the claiming process. Once ICBC recognized your claim, they will provide you with an Insurance Claim Number – this number is essential to start receiving your physiotherapy treatment.

2. Consult and get assisted by a Registered Physiotherapist of Evegreen.

Then make an appointment with our physiotherapist for initial assessment and consultation. We are open from Monday to Saturday for your convenience and you’re welcome to walk-in. You may also call us 604 449 5859 for our Coquitlam/Lougheed office. You may also text us at 604-256-5923 or email us at [email protected].

3. Start Receiving Your Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Treatment

When you’re ready to start receiving your treatment, ICBC automatically provides you the approval of 25 physiotherapy visits.

ICBC will cover the first 12 weeks of recovery treatment bills. If your condition will require additional treatment sessions, our support staff will contact the patient’s ICBC claims adjuster and will seek approval to continue with the treatment schedule. But for patients who have been following a personalized treatment plan and with urgent need, ICBC will approve the request.

Why should you look for a Physiotherapist for Your Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries?

Physiotherapists are professionals and educated persons with the experience of years in the medical field. So, they knew all about the human body, its treatment, and how to keep it healthy and fit. The following are the top five reasons you should look for a physiotherapist after a motor vehicle accident.

1. Aid you with your recovery process

Road injuries are tricky ones, and people often realize them when they get bad. And getting back to normal life after a typical accident will be time-consuming for some patients. Common injuries of a motor vehicle accident include pain, reduced range of motion, stiffness, chronic headaches, and migraines. So, patients need to get physiotherapy treatment, which helps them get back to normal life faster than any other treatment method. Physiotherapists help patients with their specific exercising programs that enhance the recovery process. Physiotherapists assist car accident patients by increasing their body strength and flexibility, which leads to reducing the pain and patients feel better and relaxed. Our expert physiotherapists offer special programs for car accident victims, which help them to bounce back in normal life in a simple and faster way.

2. Prevent long term damage

Physiotherapy not only strengthens the body but also helps in immediate recovery from injuries by improving the flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. It works on the tissues and muscles of the body and prevents long term damage such as migraines and chronic pains. If the patient of a car accident is not treated correctly, it may lead to lingering damage to the body. If you begin physical therapy right after the accident, it would result in relief of pain and will strengthen the weakened part of the body so you can enjoy a healthy, flexible life for years.

3. Reduce pain

Bed rest can make you lazy and maybe become the cause of many other diseases, so remaining physically active will help you recover much faster than bed rest. Being active will let your muscle relax, and you will feel relief from pain. Physiotherapy helps you remain active through proper exercise, which enhances oxygenated blood and nutrients to the injured area, which helps the body heal itself. Our experienced physiotherapists provide special unique exercise programs that help the patients to feel better in a shorter time. Every exercise of the program has a specific purpose and goal, which allows you to come back in normal life faster.

4. Prevent patient from surgery

Severe car accident injuries can demand surgery right after the accident because of the wear and tear of tissues that, if left without surgery, may cause future problems. Physiotherapists can prevent you from future surgery through their particular exercise program, which gives strength to muscles and tissues.

5. Restore functions in patients

If you were in a car accident a couple of years ago, you could also get benefits from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will enhance the mobility and flexibility of your body, and in return, your body will restore function, which was affected due to old car injuries.

Why Choose Evergreen Rehab and Wellness for Your Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Program?

At Evergreen Rehab and Wellness we have registered physiotherapists who can help individuals who have suffered from automobile accidents. In addition to offering our high quality treatments to the residents of Greater Vancouver they are also experts in handling ICBC claims.

Experts know that the best recovery happens when the treatment and the management system are in sync and streamlined. If you’re looking for effective treatment to start the road to recovery after your accident and live in Greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland please give us a call, email, or walk-in at any of our clinics in Coquitlam/Lougheed. We will design a personalized treatment plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible for the ICBC physiotherapy program if you have been in a car accident within three months. You are approved for 25 physiotherapy sessions. You are also eligible for other type of treatments: Chiropractic (25 sessions), Registered Massage Therapy (12 sessions), Acupuncture (12 sessions), Active Rehabilitation (kinesiology – 12 sessions) and Clinical Counselling 12 sessions)

To get started with our program, you need to provide us your ICBC claim number, date of the accident, and your name to our reception staff.

ICBC will cover all of your treatment costs for the first 12 weeks of recovery treatment. For more details, please call our clinic.

This will depend on ICBC approval. ICBC will require you to submit a doctor’s referral recommending for extension or additional treatment sessions. And, here at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness, we’ll help you out with this process. We will communicate with ICBC regarding your recovery.

Take in mind that ICBC will not be responsible for any treatment costs that are approved or extended.

Yes, if you have suffered a motor vehicle accident before April 1st 2019 you will be entitled to the updated coverage and will not be associated with the previous coverage.


No, ICBC will not cover late appointments or last minute cancellations as it is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of when and where their treatments are scheduled.


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