Improving Self Esteem with Counselling

Self-esteem is the thoughts of a person about himself. It’s also an opinion, either good or bad, about oneself. It has a significant place and impact on everyone’s life. It is the inner confidence of a person to encounter a challenge. When a person has healthy self-esteem, he thinks positively about himself and has positive views about his life. Self-esteem impacts our relationship with others and ourselves. With high self-esteem, we will be confident about our intelligence, appearance, personality, abilities, and thinking power.

A person with healthy self-esteem knows about his weaknesses and strengths. Having high esteem makes a person respectful, and he also respects others. But having too high esteem, which is against reality, isn’t healthy. It leads to the degradation of expectations from people and hence lowers your self-esteem. Low self-esteem tends to see yourself and the world from a negative perspective. When you are suffering from low esteem problems, you think that you have zero confidence and can’t do any challenging work. When you encounter challenges, you tend to avoid them instead of standing and working. Low self-esteem fills your thoughts with negativity, and you talk negatively about yourself in your mind.

Evergreen Rehab & Wellness focuses on delivering client-adjusted therapies that support patients to discover their right path in improving their self-esteem.

Impact of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is the result of experiences and thought which develops in our mind after watching the world. Nobody is born with low self-esteem; it develops. It is all about the opinions which we hold about ourselves. We hold negative views about ourselves and think of them as the truth of life. And these all lead to low self-esteem.

If you have low confidence and self-esteem, you don’t like to socialize yourself; you want to hide from social situations, you will stop trying creative and unique things and avoid all types of challenges. Maybe, in the short term, you will feel secure by avoiding the challenges of life, but it will become your biggest problem in the long term. It can create mental health problems for you, and you always have some fear and doubt when you try to do something.

When you always fear encountering challenges, you will think that the only way to overcome your fear is to avoid challenges. Low self-esteem can also lead to anxiety, depression, and sometimes to Posttraumatic Stress Disorders. It will also urge you to develop unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.

Causes of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem results from experiences, and negative early experiences are the main cause to trigger it in a person. The following are some of the most common factors that develop low self-esteem in an individual.

  • Experiencing abuse and punishment in childhood is the main cause to trigger low self-esteem thoughts in a child. Children who suffer in this kind of environment think that they are not decent and deserve this punishment.
  • When you feel that you fail to meet someone’s expectation level, you think you are not good enough. Mostly this case happens when parents are not supportive and want their children to be like them before their age.
  • Being different from your friends and family groups also makes you feel that your personality and identity are not acceptable, leading to low self-esteem.
  • When a person did his best in a job and didn’t receive enough affection, praise, love, or encouragement, he thinks negatively, and it develops low self-esteem in that individual. So, a deficiency of positive reviews also creates a negative impression on children, and they think that they are not good enough to be loved.

How can counselling boost your self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is directly related to our mental health.ย Counsellingย is an effective treatment for mental illness without any side effects and helps us feel satisfied with the medications. It helps people to deal with their daily life problems and how to get their solutions without taking the stress.

Many studies and research revealed that counselling is a powerful and impressive treatment for anxiety and helps people deal with their fear problem and motivate them to develop confidence. It also helps us to face challenges and hence increases our self-esteem level.

There are several benefits of counselling. It helps people to ease stress and give them a positive perspective to deal with problems. Counselling helps the people to disarm the fear gently to come over the feelings of anxiety and threat. It impacts on your confidence level and allows you to become an extrovert.

With all these impacts, we will feel the change in our opinion about ourselves and come over our fears. Counselling will produce awareness in us from our personal history that will open our eyes that we are thinking wrong about ourselves. It will make us feel comfortable and help us to make honest opinions about ourselves.

Treatment and Therapies to Raise Self-Esteem

The treatment for low self-esteem is essential because if it is not treated on time, it can become scary and destabilize chaos. The following are some of the common therapies for low self-esteem.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on our way of thinking about how we look at the world and ourselves. Cognitive means how our negative thoughts contribute to low self-esteem, and behavioral means how we behave in a situation that make us feel lower than others. Cognitive Behavioral therapy treats panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and many phobias. The therapist first analyzes your negative thoughts and teaches you how to deal with them, and then replace them with real thoughts that help us to raise our self-esteem level.

Eye movements, desensitization, and reprocessing

It is a three-month treatment period in which your goal will be positive thinking. After this weekly session treatment, you will be able to think positively about yourself and will know about how to handle good or bad situations. Positive thinking will be a reason for your healthy self-esteem. Therapists will help you to realize that the negative thoughts which you are thinking as a fact are not reality, and it will alter negative thoughts to positive ones.

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