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As we live, we may encounter some traumatic experiences or certain situations that will cause mental or emotional difficulties. If you are living in Port Moody or nearby areas and have situations that start interfering at a personal level then this is high time to seek professional help and start making positive changes in your life. And, this is where clinical counselling comes in.

Clinical counselling can be done in different ways and involves various steps to follow. It can help you to cope up with the inner pain. This is also a way to gain strength to believe in what you can do and to discover new skills. The Evergreen Rehab and Wellness is always ready to provide high-quality clinical counselling in Port Moody, BC.
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What can Clinical Counselling in Port Moody Do For You?

Clinical counselling provides help to individuals as they experience and navigate mental and emotional difficulties. Whenever you feel anxiety, depression, fear, helplessness, or negative thoughts, counselling will prove to be your best companion because you get the place where you can talk about yourself and get the best solution to problems. 

When our thoughts, emotions, and feelings control us and become dominated, we feel like we are going through the hardest time of life. At this phase of life, counselling can help you to address your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to get a sense of some confusion. A good partnership with the counsellor can help you face your difficulties in life with high morale and integrity. 

Counselling allows you to take a look at your past or current issues (feelings, thoughts, or emotions) from a different perspective. It brings a safe and confidential place in your life in which you can explore the issues in your life and turn negative feelings and emotions into your power and strength of life. 

Clinical Counselling For All Ages

We are providing clinical counselling services with the best counsellors who have years of experience and training in providing counselling to various individuals in all ages. So, if you are struggling with something in your life and wonder if counselling can help you or not then our experienced and trained clinical counsellors are here to encourage you to cope with your life problems. Our counsellors have a lot of experience in issues related to motor vehicle accident injury, sports injury, depression, stress, anxiety, marriage or relationship or family issues, development disorders and many others.

Clinical Counselling in Port Moody

Our Clinical Counselling Services in Port Moody

Many people are suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder, Insomnia and sleeping disorder, cultural adjustment, self-esteem, life transition, eating disorder, grief and loss, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. They can take help from our counsellors. Moreover, our counsellors have also experience in providing services to people who are suffering from a motor vehicle accident injury or trauma, marriage relationship and family issues, work-related stress and anger, and chronic pain.

Clinical Counselling Techniques We Apply

Our counsellors will help you to cope with different problems with various techniques and each technique varies from person to person. Our experienced counsellors also provide additional services so that our patients can live a healthy lifestyle. The following are the counselling techniques applied here.

Experienced Clinical Counsellors in Port Moody

We are offering the best services of counselling to our clients. With the help of years of experience, our counselLors can help individuals who are suffering from various kinds of issues that are hindrances in the way of a meaningful and healthy life. These issues usually lead to anxiety, depression, weight issues, grief, loss, poor self-esteem, sleep, family conflict, relationship or marriage issues, and work-related stress.

Our Port Moody Clinical Counsellors also help with many other issues and provide personal space. The personal place helps clients to describe their issues in detail and in this way the individual can explore and manage personal issues such as improving self-confidence and self-image to heal from past painful memories and emotional negative experiences. Counselling also helps them to get rid of fears and phobias and bring a sense of strength in life to face difficulties in life.

People find the meaning and purpose of their lives through counselling and also understand and describe themselves confidently. It strengthens our minds and helps us to find psychologically healthy ways of living.

Jin Youn (Broughton)

Jin YounJin Youn (Broughton) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Jin has been providing clinical counselling since 2006. During these years, Jin has been providing counselling on mental health and addiction issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, mild brain injury, child and youth mental health, anger management, crime victim assistance, relationship and family issues, parenting, and so on. Read More

David Lee

David LeeDavid joined Evergreen Rehab & Wellness in 2020 with the intention of treating numerous types of psychological issues, including mood disorders, anxiety problems, as well as traumatic disorders from motor vehicle accidents. With several years of experience, David has successfully worked with a fair number of patients from different ethnicity groups, age, and stages of their problems. David highly focused on providing comfort and care for his patients. Read More

We're Here to Help in this Pandemic

Online Counselling

In this trying time, our counsellors are here to help you through video or phone. They will continue to help you in this pandemic time through these mediums until new updates come by our health authorities. Your safety and well-being are our first and foremost priority.

If you are an ICBC claimant, you don't have to worry about billing, we will directly bill ICBC for all the services we provide to you. You will be unburdened by this and focus on your health. A doctor's referral is also not necessary for the appointment. Know more

Online Clinical Counselling in Coquitlam

Talking Helps & We're Here to Listen!

Our clinical counsellors in Port Moody have years of experience and know different languages to help individuals, couples, and families to cope with the difficulties of daily life such as work-related stress, parenting, relationships, stress, trauma, anger management, anxiety, depression, divorce and separation, loss and grief, employment issues, and also many other mental wellness courses.

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