Getting Help for Marriage, Relationship & Family Issues

Marriage, relationship, or family issues can occur in any home and results in challenging and frustrating conditions. Sometimes they can occur due to little irritation and end up with the destruction of relations. They can also cause many traumatic diseases and can even cause minor to major heart attacks. In the following article, we will understand the relationship, marriage, and family problems and how counselling can help in this condition.

If you are facing a problematic relationship right now either with your partner or conflict with your family members, we can help you. Our Clinical Counsellor will help you to recognize the real cause of your problems and will guide you to improve your relationship.

Understanding Relationship, Marriage, and Family Problems

Relationship problems

Every relationship experiences issues and problems at one point or another. These issues start with arguments for many reasons, sometimes over money and sometimes over sex, etc.

All the issues start from arguments due to poor communication. Some couples are very talkative, and some are non-talkers. Some get issues because communication was better at the start of the relationship but then slows down or stopped listening to each other. Sometimes little conversations turn into battles. All these issues can be sorted out if couples are willing to identify the problems and basic issues between them and make some changes.

If you are facing any of these situations, just ask yourself. What happened that day during your conversation? What are things that turned into a battle, and when did I stop listening and understanding my partner?

Think about your mistakes and how you can recover them. Select talk time and place with your partner and try to use β€œI” statements in this situation because when people get defensive, they stop listening to others.

Marriage problems

There are several common and basic problems in married life, and some people succeed in avoiding them, and some succeed in fixing and resolving them with different methods and techniques.

Some of the most common marriage problems are infidelity (such as one-night stand, physical infidelity, internet affairs), sexual differences (such as loss of libido either in man or woman or sexual preference like different positions), values and beliefs (religious differences or disagreement with marriage), and life stages (due to significant age gap either from man side or woman side as the age grows, personalities changes and issues might come).

The traumatic situation also becomes a cause of marriage problems because one partner doesn’t know how to handle it. It creates pressure, and relation ends. Stress is also one of the major reasons for marriage problems; it may be financial stress, family stress, or mental illness.

Family problems

Everyone faces different types of issues when living in a family. Marrying your loved one and starting a family is a good thing, but some problems came across the journey of life. It depends on us how we deal and react to those issues and problems.

Every person has its personality, so every family has flaws. There are many common reasons that cause issues. Many arguments in the family are healthy and clear the air, but some arguments are abusive that ruin the environment for every person living in the family. Arguments have a significant effect on kids. It directly hits their mind and brings changes in their behaviour and decisions.

Parenting decisions also create family problems because most of the family fights start with the question of how the kids should be raised. Not only this, the problems continued, and parents fought on disciplinary training, schooling, religions, and many others. All these situations create a bad impact on the kids’ minds, and they start thinking negatively.

Defining Relationship, Marriage, and Family Counselling

Relationship counselling

Every relationship has problems, but there are always methods and techniques to solve them. In relationship counselling, the therapist provides you with a caring, helping, and non-judgemental environment to help you deal with your relationship problems.

First of all, the counsellor helps you to identify the root cause of the issues or problems you are facing in your relationship. After determining, if you decide couple counselling is the forward way for both of you, then you will get short term counselling. The period of short term counselling depends on the situation or problems you are facing, maybe between six to twelve sessions. For some couples, the counselling process is longer for discovery. In contrast, some couples just need a few sessions to move forward by leaving and solving their issues quickly. When you visit the therapist for counselling, you will get to know about the exact sessions after he identifies the problems.

Marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is a type of psychotherapy in which therapists help couples to identify and recognize all their issues or problems to improve their relationship. Marriage counselling is also known as couples therapy, and after getting the therapy, you can make your thoughtful and strengthening decisions, which will rebuild your relationship with your partner to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

You should always take therapy from licensed and experienced counselors who also have graduate and postgraduate degrees. Marriage counselling is usually a short term process and mostly includes both partners, but sometimes one partner can also work and get therapy from counselors. The exact treatment plan will be provided to you on your first visit to the therapist after identifying your issues and situation. It helps to resolve communication problems, anger, infertility, parental conflicts, and sexual difficulties. You can resolve all your issues if you work on the scheduled plan given to you by your therapist.

Family Counselling

Family counselling concerns the problems and issues of families and helps families to collaborate with each other to resolve all the personal issues. It is short term counselling and helps you to communicate better with your family members and how your behavior can change their attitude towards you. Working on the schedule provided by the therapist will help families to learn and understand one another effectively.

How can counselling help your relationship, marriage, and family issues?

Counselling is beneficial for people facing relationships, marriage, and family issues. Counselors help people to create understanding and resolve issues. It helps to resolve communication problems, anger, infertility, parental conflicts, and sexual difficulties. You can resolve all your issues if you work on the scheduled plan given to you by your therapist.

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