extremity adjustment with toggle board

What is the Thompson Technique?

The Thompson technique is a full spine adjustment technique that brings out using low aptitude, high velocity, and low force procedures. It is also referred to as a drop table adjustment and is highly recommended by chiropractors to treat joint problems of the body using low force. It's also known as one of the most common spinal manipulation methods, which use a specialized drop table with different adjustable segments that cover and support each area of your spine. When the chiropractor applies force on the spine, the table moves down and moves a specific part of your spine, which provides you relief from pain.

How it is Performed?

The Thompson Technique is performed with two steps. First is the posture analysis with various assessments. This step checks the balance of the body because any imbalance in the body affects its core too. So, the spine, hip, and legs are analyzed to check any immobility or limitations. The second step involves a Chiropractic drop table that administers low amplitude and high velocity adjustment and slightly drops when the chiropractor applies pressure or force on the patient for adjustments. The high-velocity pressure causes relief of musculoskeletal pain

Below is an example of a Chiropractor doing a pelvic drop.

Benefits of the Thompson Technique

The most common and known benefits of the Thompson technique are improved posture, increase in flexibility, performance, and strength. Patients often experience improved ability move and better sleep quality. It also reduces aches, pains and decreases high pain sensitivity. Thompson technique offers a wide range of health benefits and only requires an expert, trained, experienced, and qualified practitioner that can deliver the treatment in the proper way.

How can it Help You?

If you get your Thompson technique treatment, you will feel a warm sensation in different parts of your body only after the initial adjustment and restoration of joint mobility. The treatment plan may differ according to the patient; maybe a patient can relieve pain after one session, or the patient may require more sessions to relieve symptoms. It is important for everyone to have a healthy and active body, and it can't be possible without a healthy nervous system. This chiropractic adjustment technique will improve your posture and give you flexibility and strength.

Am I a good candidate for the Thompson technique?

To know that you are the right candidate for the Thompson technique or not is to consult with a chiropractor. They will completely analyze and evaluate you and will suggest the best treatment plan according to your needs.

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