What is Extremity Adjustment with the use of Toggle Board?

The extremity adjusting is the practice of manually manipulating the joint of extremities to inculcate motion within the joint. The extremity adjusting can be delivered via many different techniques, most often with the use of a toggle board (portable drop piece). A toggle board is a specialized instrument used during drop adjustment that is under the joints that need adjustments such as the ankle, feet, and knees. This can help in improving mobility of the affected joints.⁠

Extremity is the joints of the body that are outside spinal joints. For example, extremity adjustment with toggle board can be very useful if you are suffering from frozen shoulders. Extremity adjustment can also help with the following joints: ribs, elbows, wrists, hands, ankles, knees, feet, or even toes.

Symptoms of Extremity Issues

The symptoms of Extremity can be when you have extreme pain, weakness, stiffness, immobility, catching or locking, or numbness in the extremity joints. It can also be chronic and acute pain in extremity joints.

With Extremity Adjustment with toggle board, its goal is to be able to restore those joints on their proper alignment, allowing it to return to its normal function.

Benefits of Extremity Adjustments with Toggle Board

1. Improvement of your Body Mechanics
There are many benefits of these extremity adjustments as they help your body mechanics as a whole. This is a concept of how your body is connected or interlinked with each other. When you hurt your ankle, you hurt your foot as a whole shifting your whole weight to your other foot for support. These cases strain in your other joints as well bringing damage to them. This may cause major damages that were not supposed to occur in the first place. Therefore, it is very important to understand the mechanism of your body and how it can cause changes when a problem occurs because they are interlinked.

2. Decrease pain and deload stress to joints
As we talked about before, your whole body is connected, and how it causes damage to each other if not taken care of, so it is very important to maintain every part of your body to avoid stress on other parts of your body. The joint which often builds up a lot of physical stress is your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. Even if you chew your food or grind your teeth when sleeping it causes a lot of stress in your TMJ. This is a joint which meets your jaw to your temple next to your ear. This tiny shift or stress on it can lead you to headaches, or ringing in the ears therefore extremity adjustments are essential when it comes to pain control and deloading stress from the joints.

3. Stay healthy while being more active
Let’s talk about athletes here, they are more active and need to stay healthy. Extremity adjustments are very important for them and of course, the first thought will go to ankles. Ankles are very sensitive for athletes and play a major role in them being active. An ankle injury can cause strain in other areas and lead to other bad injuries.

How Extremity Adjustments with Toggle Board can Help you?

When you are experiencing extremity pain, wherein this pain is within the joints of your ribs, shoulder, and elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot, as well as the hands and toes, you can benefit from extremity adjustment with toggle board.

Below is an example of how extremity adjustment can help a patient with knee pain.

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