Cupping is anciently used as an alternative to medicine. It is originated in China, Egypt, and the Middle East. It is used as a culture of these areas since 1550 BC. A therapist who gives massage to his clients puts special types of cups on the skin of the clients. The process may continue until the flow of blood starts.

Cupping is used as a pain reliever and can be used as a massage for deep tissues. If you have any issues related to your body cells and muscles, cupping is highly recommended. In this article, you will get detailed information about cupping, its types, and the benefits of cupping. So let's start it gradually.

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What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a therapy that originated in China. It uses different types of cups that are placed on the skin where this therapy is needed or recommended. It is done to create pressure. This is because the pressure can boost up the flow so that the affected area may heal. Cupping is a well-proven therapy as it increases the circulation of blood positively.

Many people are using cupping therapy to resolve multiple issues of their bodies. The area of skin where cups are used may heal soon and reduces the pain. It repairs the body cells and provides relief if there is any tension or pressure on muscles. It draws liquid into the skin where you feel pain. Due to its effectiveness, it is recommended worldwide and numerous famous personalities especially athletes and celebrities adopt it. Cupping is also used for the following purposes:

  • For lessening cholesterol
  • Knee injuries
  • Improve the functions of the immune system
  • Headache especially migraine
  • The diseases related to the skin like acne
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain

The cupping has proved its worth in the above problems as well as many more. Cupping can be wet or dry. In dry cupping, only force is used to reduce the pain and heal the injury; whereas, in wet cupping, both force and medicinal bleeding are used to control the injury.

Types of Cupping

The cupping consists of multiple types. In this article, you will read about different about three types of cupping like fire cupping, moveable cupping, and flash cupping. Every type of cupping is treated differently and works to improve the injuries. Let's start reading the above types one by one so that you will be able to differentiate between each of them.

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1. Fire Cupping

Cupping therapy is also known as fire cupping or fire therapy. In this technique, plastic vessels, jars and glass are placed in the affected areas of the skin. It is used to increase or maintain the flow of the blood. Multiple athletes are known that have taken fire cupping therapy and have marks on their backs. Due to the use of fire therapy in celebrities, people are greatly attracted to it. A therapist uses a cup or jar that is flammable before firing it. The therapist places this cup on the skin after flaming it up with fire. The cup remains on the skin for three to four minutes that creates a force on that part and puts this part up from the left. In this way, blood circulation is increased. People with joint pain, skin pain, and any muscular issue must try this therapy once.

2. Moveable Cupping

It is the ancient Chinese technique that uses glass or cups on the skin to create pressure. Moveable therapy is one of the types of cupping therapy that is used to produce pressure into the muscles or tissues about four inches under the skin where the cups are applied. This is regarded as the best therapy to promote the circulation of the blood in the area where blood is not circulated for any reason. The pains in the back and joints are particularly treated with this therapy. As the name depicts this therapy is used to move a muscle or tissue that has stopped moving due to any injury.

3. Flash Cupping

This type of cupping therapy includes an iteration of placing cups until it shows a positive result. The therapist uses this therapy again and again on the patients with slight holding. Cups are also of different kinds like strong cups, medium cups, and strong cups. It lessens the native blocking and kindles the blood flow. It is used to minimize or remove the tension from the tissues. Use this therapy for round about 15 minutes to get positive results.

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Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is admired worldwide as it gives multiple benefits. These benefits urge people to use it make their selves error-free. The following are some of the benefits of cupping:

  • It decreases pain
  • It improves blood circulation and decreases the tension on the blood vessels
  • It is also beneficial for gynecological disease
  • It controls stress and anxiety
  • People use this therapy for relaxation
  • Speed up the healing process
  • It gives power to the immune functions
  • It is a very safe treatment for any kind of skin and blood disorders

Is Cupping Right For You?

Cupping is a low-cost and safe therapy. So everyone who faces any problem like tissue injury or breaks in the blood movement can be controlled or healed with this great therapy. It's right for the conditions where one has neck pain, back pain, inner injury, muscle damage, and slow flow of blood in the body, an injury without bleeding and migraines, etc. But it's not true that cupping can be used in all conditions. Cupping cannot be used if there is bleeding from the wounds, open injuries, reddened or infected tissues.

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