As we know, there have been a lot of benefits with Active Rehab sessions especially when guided and led by a professional practitioner such as kinesiologists within a modern and state of the art facility like Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinics. Such benefits include:

  • It promotes movement which leads to tissue repair
  • It helps in reducing inflammation, pain and discomfort
  • It helps in recovery faster
  • It helps improve your range of motion and flexibility
  • It helps in bringing back your mobility and with less risk of future injuries
  • It helps you improve your strength and endurance in physical activities

And more benefits that you can look at when you get a recovery program with Active Rehab.

Aiming to help one patient at a time as we provide our wellness services, Evergreen Rehab and Wellness continuously expand to reach more people who may be needing their health and wellness services together with their professional practitioners.

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness is available in four (4) different locations: Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley and now we are also available at Brentwood location. In collaboration with Evolve Strength, we are available inside their gym to provide high quality services specifically in Pilates and Active Rehab/Personal Training.

Let’s find out more reasons to visit Evergreen Clinic at Brentwood Location

5 Reasons to Visit Active Rehab in Brentwood

Accessible Location at Brentwood Mall

Parking and accessibility of the location will no longer be your problem. Attending your personal training sessions will be more convenient to integrate into your schedule for we are located inside the Evolve Strength Gym within the Brentwood Mall. If you try to do errands and other activities, 1 hour of session will no longer hurt your schedule.

Free Trial for Active Rehab is Available at Brentwood

If you’re not so sure what you’re going to expect with an Active Rehab program, then you may have an appointment for your trial session. You may interact with the professional kinesiologists at Evergreen Brentwood and personally try the routines you may have to do before you fully engage into a full and customized treatment plan for your recovery program. This will surely help you in deciding how you want your sessions to be and will make you experience a part of the benefits of the program you may be doing eventually to achieve full recovery and wellness.

Customized Recovery Program

Every client have their own unique treatment plan recommended by our expert practitioners. They will create a customized program just for you based on your condition and your adaptability into the program. Evergreen Brentwood practitioners would like to provide a progressive program for your recovery goals without compromising how you will enjoy every session made.

Modern and State of The Art Facility and Professional Practitioners

As we collaborate this program with Evolve Strength, we made sure to integrate a full and complete facility to maximize the routines, exercises and programs provided by our practitioners, who are extremely passionate in helping our clients achieve recovery in the most realistic period of time. With marvelous equipment and facilities, our clients would surely be able to execute guided exercises to fully activate target parts of the body.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury is Covered

In British Columbia (BC) it has been organized that Active Rehab is one of the specific treatment programs that could be covered and available for the local citizens whenever they get into car accidents. It is covered by ICBC especially for the first 12 weeks after an accident occurred. Therapy has been made effective and available as you need them for recovery.

Evergreen Rehab and Wellness staff will help you in every step of your recovery and will provide more ease as we assist you with other queries you may want to understand. With these, we’ll surely help every local in the Brentwood location live a great quality of life, living pain free and risk free for future injuries.

Experience better wellness with Evergreen Brentwood’s Active Rehab Programs.

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