Manual Therapy: What is it?

Did you recently hear about manual therapy but are not sure what it is? Do you have an upcoming session and want to know more about it? Are you wondering whether you should give this type of therapy a shot? If these are some of the questions on your mind, then this guide is for you.

Manual therapy has existed since the dawn of time; however, it’s only recently gained popularity. It offers something for everyone, whether you spend most of your day at a desk or are a professional athlete. Manual therapy has been shown to reduce pain, prevent injuries and help you move better.

Here, the health professionals at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness Coquitlam describe what manual therapy is, how it works, and its benefits. Read on to learn more. 


What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is exactly as its name suggests. It is a form of physiotherapy during which a therapist uses only his hands. No machines or devices are used. It is a purely natural method that depends solely on the expertise of a physiotherapist. 


How It Works

A trained physiotherapist can use a range of techniques to tailor manual therapy for your needs. One of the more popular techniques is called soft tissue therapy. During soft tissue therapy, your physiotherapist will apply manual pressure to soft tissues of the body such as muscles, ligaments, and fascia. This helps improve blood circulation and break up scar tissue, thus immediately relieving pain. 

Joint manipulation is another popular technique. It involves applying gentle pressure aiming to move bones and joints into position while reducing the strain on muscles and ligaments as well as restoring your joint to its natural alignment. This can also reduce pain and allow for a greater range of motion.

Other techniques include deep tissue damage, which helps drain toxins and lymph from affected areas. Myofascial relief and trigger point relief target specialized tender points to help relax the tissues and muscles and immediately relieve pain. This is especially effective for patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

A skilled physiotherapist, such as the physiotherapists at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness Coquitlam, can also use gentle pressure to help reposition and align internal organs. Thus, manual therapy offers a truly holistic approach to any problem you may have with the range of techniques available.


The Benefits

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of manual therapy in managing pain. It does this by stretching and relaxing strained muscles and joints. This is particularly true for neck pain. In Addition, it improves blood flow to affected regions and helps flush away any excess waste while promoting tissue repair.  

Manual therapy also helps reduce inflammation allowing the body to recover better and heal itself. This reduces the risk of injuries in the future.

By realigning and repositioning joints, manual therapy also helps improve mobility and the range of motion of affected joints. This allows you to stay healthier for longer with no limitations. Bad knees don’t have to stop you from running, and manual therapy can help you with that. 

The benefits are not just physical. It also helps to soothe and calm the mind. It does this by the release of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones produced in the brain. By relaxing the soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments, manual therapy triggers the production and release of endorphins, thus uplifting your mood. 


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