How to Dress for Pilates: What You Should & Shouldn't Wear

How to Dress for Pilates: What You Should & Shouldn’t Wear?

Tomorrow is your first Pilates lesson, but you have no idea what to wear? Is it okay to just wear a t-shirt and biker shorts? Are shoes even necessary? Fortunately, you’ve found the proper site to learn all you need. Pilates often calls for loose-fitting, comfortable gear that enables you to easily transition between positions. Here is a guide to what you should and shouldn’t wear for a Pilates class.

Things You Should Know:

  • Pilates calls for comfortable, form-fitting clothes. Although shorts are OK, a tank top and leggings is the recommended outfit for class.
  • Wearing items with tassels or drawstrings might cause injury since they can get trapped in the Pilates apparatus.
  • To prevent revealing the instructor, men can wear compression shorts underneath their ordinary workout shorts.
  • When selecting a Pilates outfit, comfort and flexibility are paramount. Wearing apparel that doesn’t ride up while working out is a must.

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What To Wear

Form-fitting clothing. Choose clothes that fit well but are not too tight. Your instructor will be able to see your movements and, if necessary, assist in correcting your form.

Breathable fabric. Textiles that are breathable will keep you dry and cool as you work out. Look for clothing made of these textiles.

Comfortable shoes. Comfortable footwear is recommended because Pilates is often performed barefoot. If you do prefer to wear shoes, pick something flexible and light.

Layers. Wearing layers will allow you to shed them if you start to feel too warm while working out. A lightweight jumper or jacket is a good choice.


How to Dress for Pilates: What You Should & Shouldn't Wear

What Not To Wear

Baggy clothing. Avoid wearing clothing that is too loose since it can impede your motions and make it difficult for your instructor to see your form.

Jewelry/Accessories. It’s best to leave the jewelry at home because it can distract you and get in the way when you work out.

Heavy makeup. It’s recommended to keep it light or go makeup-free because heavy makeup can clog pores and make you feel uncomfortable while working out.

Fragrances. Strong scents should be avoided in class because they may cause allergies and disturb other students. It is also advisable to avoid wearing perfume or cologne.

You’ll be able to focus on your moves and get the most out of your workout by using these suggestions to help you dress properly and appropriately for your Pilates session.


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