It’s cold outside, and some of you may feel your joints flared up. Although joint pain can affect people throughout the year, you may notice that your joints hurt so much when the weather changes.

When you do a Google search, you may notice that one of the most common questions is “why do my joints hurt in the winter?” It only implies that cold weather is popular in causing joint pain.

So, you may be asking, why do my joints hurt in the winter?

Why Joint Pain Increase When it’s cold?

There’s no one explanation for why cold weather affects the joints.  ((It’s cold outside! Do your joints hurt? (n.d.). Retrieved January 19, 2022, from

Although some past studies found some links, the science does not provide clear support about why temperature can affect joint pain. ((Cold Weather Joint Pain: 15 Tips for Managing It. (2019, November 22). CreakyJoints.

Despite the fact, we can observe that the seniors can feel that winter is coming when their knees are starting to hurt.

In fact, some of our patients told us during the assessment that they noticed the symptoms, or they feel their joints hurt so much when it’s cold outside.

What are the Signs of Joint Pain or Inflammation?

  • Redness, swelling, tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Stiffness
  • Cracking or grinding sound
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Limited motion

If you feel that your joints hurt so much during the colds, here’s how Chiropractic care in Coquitlam can help you.

How a Chiropractic Care in Coquitlam can help with Your Aching Joints during Winter?

How Chiropractic Care in Coquitlam can Help with Winter Joint Pain?

There are various times where you need to see a chiropractor. And among the most popular case that you need the help of a chiropractor is when you have joint pain.

If you have chronic joint pain, you may experience that the weather greatly influences the symptoms. It may get worsen during colder days.

As the air gets colder, you tend to hibernate and move less. This can lead to joint stiffness. Moreover, colder days can make your body contract, making your muscles reluctant to stretch.

A Chiropractic Care in Coquitlam can help your joint stiffness with a custom-chiropractic treatment. It may include chiropractic adjustments. It can help to loosen up your joints and reduce the pain.

But, how Chiropractic care in Coquitlam can help you with your winter joint pain?

Starting with an extensive assessment to uncover the root cause of your joint pain.

A key stage of chiropractic care is doing an extensive assessment. This is vital to understand your condition and find out the root cause of the pain.

Moreover, you are under the care of a Chiropractic doctor in Coquitlam who has undergone an extensive education (they need to be a graduate of 4-year of Doctor of Chiropractic program.

A chiropractor will need to complete an internship program and pass a licensing examination – that’s how skilled and knowledgeable they are.

Creates a custom treatment plan

Based on the results of a thorough assessment, the chiropractor in Coquitlam will then create a custom treatment plan. The chiropractor will apply some manipulations or soft tissues therapies to reduce joint restrictions.

Moreover, he can help you with misalignment, especially when the joint pain is due to poor posture. 

In addition, the treatment can help you reduce the pain and can restore the range of motion.

The chiropractor in Coquitlam can also help you with nerve pressure and joint mobility.

In addition, chiropractic care can also help you with your knee pain or foot pain through custom orthotics.

However, please take note that if there is already damage such as loss of cartilage, chiropractic care can’t restore it.

If you are experiencing joint pain, you need to book a chiropractic care consultation to check the root cause of your pain and provide the right treatment.

In addition, here are some quick tips on how you can cope up with joint pain during winter.

More Tips to Manage Joint Pain during Winter

Proper Clothing

Dress in layers to keep you warm, especially when going outside. Moreover, you need to add some mittens or gloves to protect your hands.

In addition, make sure to protect your head with a hat or beanie. You may add a scarf to protect your neck. Add some protective socks and waterproof boots to avoid your feet getting damp.

You have to keep yourself self-bundled up since cold weather can make your fingers and toes feel sore.

Stay Active

The cold weather often changes a person’s exercise plan. Moreover, you may feel to hibernate or idle for this time.

But lack of exercise can be one cause of making the joints stiff. So, to improve joint’s mobility and reduce pain, you may need to add some physical activities to your winter routines.

Moreover, if you need support with your exercise plan, we have Physiotherapists in Coquitlam and Kinesiologists in Coquitlam and Surrey that can help you.

Proper Nutrition

decrease in vitamin D levels can be one of the reasons why joints hurt. So, it is essential to load up your diet with foods rich in Vitamin D.

To check, if you need some supplements, you may consult a Naturopathic doctor in Coquitlam.

Moreover, make sure to eat a balanced diet. You may eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, or depending on the meal plan suggested by your nutritionist.

Stay Warm When You’re At Home

Keeping yourself warm is essential when making yourself active and comfortable at home. Add the right warmth to your home.

When using some heated pad or heating items, make sure to follow the advice of a health professional.

Moreover, carefully read the labels before using them.

Drink Enough Water 

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential, especially during cold weather. 

We often think we need to drink more water during warmer days. However, cold days can make dry air. This can make you feel dehydrated, tired, and achy. So, keep yourself hydrated.

You can also add some warm tea or have bone broth and soup as your hydrating options.

The Bottom Line

You are not alone in your joint pain. It may be troublesome during the colder days, however, there are various things that you can do to cope with joint pain.

Chiropractic care in Coquitlam can help you address your chronic joint pain.

If you are having problems with your joints it’s time to seek professional help. Let our Coquitlam Chiropractor or a Surrey Chiropractor help you.

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