Exercises and workouts play a vital role in both physical and mental health. Sometimes people get too motivated and forced their body and muscles to do excessive training, workouts, and exercise which results in a frozen shoulder. It’s a common problem mostly faced by athletes and bodybuilders.

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder exhibits pain in the shoulders joint due to some heavy loads or training. For many people to absorb the stiffness and pain of the joint is very difficult. This pain starts slowly and gradually increases so far that you can’t even move your shoulder an inch.

Mainly a shoulder is made of three bones and a tissue that is surrounded all around the shoulder joint is called a capsule. Capsule becomes so hard when a person is facing a frozen shoulder or also known as Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder: Best Exercises to Relieve Pain


To completely eliminate or end the pain of the shoulders joint from the root it takes 8-12 months. But it mainly depends on the person’s body, muscles, and tissues. Some may heal within 3-4 months. The only thing you have to do is a healing treatment. A lot of ways have been discovered to heal shoulder pain but the most appropriate is by doing simple shoulder exercises. According to researches, it helps a lot to a person.

Risk of Factors

Below are some of the common risk factors identified:

  • Age is about 40 to 60 years
  • Obesity causes stress and burden to your shoulder joint.
  • Excessive exercise like high workouts, running, stretching, and muscle pull.
  • Heart disease and medical problems can cause a frozen shoulder.

The therapist says that a person feeling or having pain in the shoulders may go from these three must steps. The steps are as follows:

Freezing stage:

The starting stage is known as freezing. In which the pain gradually becomes worse and makes you unable to move your entire shoulder due to the hardness of the capsule around the joint. Generally, it takes 6-8 months.

Frozen stage:

The second stage is known as the frozen shoulder in which temporary the pain is sufferable but stiffness becomes out of control. The shoulder movement becomes harder than the previous stage. And it takes 4-5 months to heal completely.

Thawing stage:

The final stage is known as the thawing or healing stage. In which your body and shoulders pain gradually start going to normal. And after 8-11 months your pain and stiffness go away from the root. Now you are set free to move your shoulder properly.

Best Exercises for Frozen Shoulders

When visiting therapists or a doctor, you will find out that exercises are among the vital part of healing or reducing the pain caused by a frozen shoulder. Below are the top-picked exercises for this condition.

Please take note, that you must consult a health practitioner before doing the exercise. It is essential that your condition has been thoroughly assessed.

1. Towel stretch

Towel stretch has been proved as an effective exercise to reduce the pain of the shoulder joint. For this exercise, you only need a 3-4 feet towel.

  1. Hold both ends of the towel in both hands.
  2. One hand at the back, one in front looks like horizontal flow.
  3. Use your good arm in pulling the affected arm and stretch it.
  4. Repeat this exercise 15 times a day.

2. Pendulum stretch

Pendulum stretch can make the capsule around the joint less hard and gradually capsule goes to its normal position. The steps are as follows:

  1. Stand on the floor and put your hand on a table or chair.
  2.  Have your other arm hang down by your side and swing your arm gently in circles. Try to let momentum and gravity move your arm.
  3. You may move anti-clockwise and clockwise.
  4. Stop immediately when feeling pain.
  5. Repeat this exercise 2-4 times a day.

3. Wall  Crawl

Wall crawl helps in improving the mobility of your shoulders. The only thing you need to do is stand near a wall.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Stand against the wall.
  2. Do a finger walk into the wall and carefully walk it back down.
  3. Stop when feeling severe pain.
  4. Repeat two times a day, try to not give stress to your shoulder, make sure that it is relaxed.

4. Inward Rotation

Helps in strengthening your shoulders. Be careful while performing this exercise. The steps are as follows:

  1. Start by standing next to a close door.
  2.  Attached one end of the exercise band in the doorknob.
  3. Then, time to pull the band about 2 to 3 inches towards your body and hold it for about 5 seconds.
  4.  Repeat it up to 10 times a day.

5. Cross-body Reach


Crossbody reach can be a great stretch when performing with the full guidance of a therapist. This is a fast recovery tool for frozen shoulder. Perform the following steps:

  1. Stand on the floor with perfect posture.
  2. Hold your affected arm with a good arm.
  3. Stretch around the body.
  4. Repeat 10-15 times a day (can perform more than that).

Tips Before Starting Exercises

Ok, now you have learned all the exercise, but if you are not applying proper precaution and considerations it may cause injury to your body. Our editors have collected 3 main considerations for you.

Diet before exercise

Trainers and doctors recommend having a healthy diet before a workout. You have to eat a small meal before 2 hours of workout. The meal may include some fruits, vegetables, or chicken pieces. And must drink water before 5 minutes of exercise. It will be your body hydrated.

Start Slowly

You are doing exercise to make yourself better and treat your pain. But if you start forcing your body too much it will break your tissues. Always remember to start slowly. Gradually after some warmup and simple exercises, now you can go to next level exercises.


Doing all exercises, workouts and stretches need proper and complete support. Having all equipment will make your workout result producing. Basic support includes proper training products, a nice pair of shoes, and a first aid kit.

Following all these exercises, precautions, tricks, and tips will make your frozen shoulder goes away from the root within a short span of time. But one must be patient, focused, and motivated before performing all the above steps.

Need Help with Frozen Shoulder?

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