The Evergreen clinic has registered counsellors that are active members of professional associations. They have successfully met the academic and professional requirements and possess clinical competence that is fundamental to receive the classification as a ‘Registered clinical counsellor’ from the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).
The counsellors at Evergreen clinic are determined to improve the quality of your life. If you are someone suffering from any sort of mental health issues we are here to help. Our counselors are specialized in specific issues such as autism, anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), concussion, marriage counselling, and other neurological disorders.
Counselling at Evergreen clinic is effective as it provides the opportunity to get a relief from depression, anxiety or other major mental health problems. It is all about learning the art of creating a balanced lifestyle to outgrow loss and grief.
Confidentiality lies at the heart of each counselling session held at Evergreen clinic. The confidentiality is important for counselling as it gives space for people to talk about anything and share health problems without any fear of judgment and penalty. The Evergreen clinic makes sure everything that is said during a counselling session is held in complete confidence. We never disclose the personal information or health care report to anyone without the patient’s consent.
Trauma or full-blown PTSD is often the overarching psychological condition affecting ICBC MVA clients. When an event, including an MVA, is overwhelming, the brain has difficulty processing it fully. Afterwards a person often feels as if they are reliving an MVA over and over again. Frequently they are affected by psychological and emotional disturbances such as depression and anxiety long after the MVA. Clinical Counselling can definitely be a help w
If ICBC determines that your MVA injuries would benefit from Clinical counselling, they will pay for all of your approved sessions. We speak directly to your lawyer or ICBC adjustor to get the approval. Often ICBC will require a referral from your doctor. We have vast experience working with ICBC cases and have acted for our patients to receive the necessary care in order to bring them back to pre-accidental status.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) is an evidence-based therapy often used to treat a person suffering from traumatic event such as Motor Vehicle accident. The treatment can greatly reduce symptoms and sometimes fully resolves them. EMDR also helps a person to reinterpret a traumatic event like an MVA in a more rational and self-resolving way. Please book an initial consultation with one of our counsellors to learn more details about EMDR therapy
People of any age who are feeling difficulties about life can use counselling services.
A staff member will welcome you and complete some information about you, and then you will meet the counselor in private to clarify all your problems and get solutions.
Trauma, illness stress, mental health disorders, drugs, and alcohol are the common causes of anxiety disorder.
To diagnose anxiety disorders, your therapist will assess your mental and physical health professionally and look for anxiety symptoms through physical and psychological tests. He may also ask for urine or blood test if needed.
Anxiety condition varies from person to person, so its treatment period also varies. You may get the exact answer after the first visit with our counsellors.
Cognitive Behavioral therapy is usually used to help families, kids, and teens.

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