Active rehabilitation program is a comprehensive exercise program designed by an experienced Registered Kinesiologist to help patient recover from traumatic incidents such as motor vehicle accident (MVA), work related injury and sport injury. Patients can register for Active Rehab session through a direct referral from ICBC, WSBC, therapists, or lawyers.

The program includes an initial written report which closely assesses patient’s physical functioning as well as his/her day-to-day physical demand. Once registered, an individualized exercise program is designed by continuously communicating with a therapist.

The main purpose of Active Rehab is to enhance daily functioning of a patient by reducing pain and discomfort and by increasing movement efficiency. Patients can benefit not only from one-on-one interactive advising from a Kinesiologist but through an education on exercises that can be incorporated at home alone.   

Yes, if you have been in a motor vehicle accident, ICBC adjuster will approve your coverage. The treatment costs for approved Active Rehab sessions are 100% covered. We can also work with your lawyer to get the Active Rehab sessions approved when you have a legal representation.

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Any comfortable clothing and shoes that allow you to perform exercise without interfering. Strong belief and motivation to get better is also the key to success.

Typical Active Rehab session involves one-on-one interaction between a Kinesiologist and a patient for an hour at an exercise setting. An experienced Kinesiologist will provide an individualized exercise program that involves static/dynamic stretching, muscular strengthening/endurance exercises and techniques to reduce muscular pain and tightness. Focus and priority will be decided depending on each patient’s need and concern.

At the end of each session, stretching and exercise technique that a patient can perform alone at home will be taught to further increase the effectiveness of the exercise treatment.

Kinesiologist are a health care professionals who possess minimum of four years of education at an accredited university or college. Their education mainly involve human anatomy, physiology, motor learning & control and human movement.

They are also registered member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK).