We are living in an era when the core cause of depression is emotional disturbance due to the issues in the relationship. The issues might be in the relationship between couples or within a family or among friends. Such issues sometimes lead to borderline depression. A clinical counsellor by realizing the severity of the issue worked on this problem and came out with an emotional treatment which is known as Emotion-focused therapy.

Before going into the detail of this therapy that how it works and when techniques are employed in this treatment. Let us have a glance at how “emotion-focused therapy” is defined.

What is Emotion-Focused Therapy

This therapy functions by keeping in view the point that emotion is the key to identify which shapes the personality by defining the choices a person made. Emotion focus on guiding future attitude by influencing thinking based on the experience learned through emotional situations. Emotion focus therapy is based on the idea that emotions should guide in a healthy and constructive manner.

If the client faces issues or distress in a relationship, they can go for EFT and seek benefit in it. It also helps the parents who are stressed due to the bad health condition of their baby. EFT helps to treat the symptoms of depression caused by the emotional issues in the relationship. This treatment is helpful in case there remains some emotional investment in the relationship.

When to Use Emotionally Focused Therapy

You can go for emotion-focused therapy in case you are facing issues in which there is the involvement of emotions like couple problems and family issues. If you want to sort out contradictions in any relationship mindfully, taking sessions of EFT can greatly help you. However, discussed below are some issues in which EFT can help.

Researches have shown that the best results from EFT come in case of a strong alliance with the therapist.

  • Mistrust
    If in a relation between the two in your couple is on the verge due to trust issues and you want to save your relation. You can take sessions of EFT on how to build trust and how to let go of the things that are creating trust issues.
  • Arguingr
    If you are fed up with argumentation in any relationship, might be with a partner, siblings any parent, or friend, you can go through EFT to keep calm in the situations to prevent the worst to happen under the influence of uncontrollable emotions.
  • Lack of understanding
    If you are feeling like there is no understanding in your relationship and you want to build a relationship with your partner, EFT can help you in this issue too and tell you the ways through which you can build connectedness.
  • Family stress
    If your family is going through some issue, that might be the illness of someone or any member is going through emotional or physical pain or financial issue, as the pain of one member in a family affects all the other members and they can take Emotional therapy for help.
  • Stress brought on by life transition
    This stress caused by the family change might be due to the separation from the partner of separation between the parents. Separation is the thing that greatly affects emotions. You might also be going through the new relationship and find trouble adjusting in. this is where EFT can help you.

How EFT works

EFT focuses on two main points that describe how it works

  • It first helps the client to identify and understand the emotions that are causing the problem and are causing difficulty in managing a relationship.
  • Next, it works to convert the emotion to something constructive. It gives the right direction to the emotions that were astray earlier.

EFT working can be divided into 3 steps that include

1. De-escalate the negativity
2. Construct positive interactions
3. Consolidation

  • De-escalate the negative interaction

If you are facing any issue in a relationship with your partner, first try to stop or minimize the negative interaction with your partner. Because to infuse positivity, the first step is to shun away negativity.

  • Construct positive interactions

The next step aims at constructing a positive relationship with the partner, the client is taught the way through which he/ she can improve in their relationship. The client shares the fears are being taught how to overcome them and how to turn to the partner for seeking out a mutual solution to the problem.

  • Consolidation

Consolidation means affirming the attitude learned in the previous steps to get help from it in case, a similar issue arises in the future. Clients learn how they can avoid getting into an emotional problem.

Techniques used

There are different techniques used in emotion therapy at the initial and final levels.

  • Welcome the emotions

The initial step involves identifying the emotions and getting aware of the root cause of the emotions. This involves welcoming the emotions rather than suppressing it and then describe what causes it and what action it guides.

  • Leave the emotions

This step involves identifying whether emotions are positive or negative, what action these emotions trigger, what causes the negative emotions, and how to manage negative emotions and convert the negativity into a positive approach.

How can Emotion-Focused Therapy Help

When people try to hide their emotions or suppress any feelings, it may lead to serious issues. Because suppressing is not the way you can help yourself to relax. In fact, you need to determine the root cause of your issue and resolve it strategically rather than suppressing it. Because hiding emotions sometimes cause more harm than alone emotions can. So, this is how EFT helps clients. It does not focus on suppressing emotion rather it deals with the in-depth cause of what caused the issue the sorting it out from the root as it is said that “Nip the evil in the bud”.

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