Having pains in your body is at least the most common discomfort that we have to battle every now and then. That’s why there have been a lot of solutions and ways that could eliminate pain including pain reliever medicines, resting more than what is used to, exercise and more. Treatments such as massage, chiropractic care, Pilates and manual osteopathy. As they say, Manual Osteopathy is one of the good choice treatments in eliminating pains, how? Then let’s find out.


What is Manual Osteopathy?

It is a form of hands-on therapy with a primary focus of restoring function and eliminating pain by addressing the root cause. It is almost similar to massage therapy but has a wider scope and a goal of whole-body healing.

Manual osteopathy gently and precisely aligns muscles, bones, and joints. Manual osteopaths palpate and manipulate the body to remove limitations and allow optimal performance. Manual osteopathy differs from other therapies in its hands-on approach.

Manual Osteopathy includes specific techniques such as: Cranial-Sacral Work Fascial Work and Visceral Manipulation.

What are the Benefits of Manual Osteopathy?

  • It Helps Reduce Inflammation: by using soft tissue techniques and combining gentle mobilization, it releases the restrictions and tension of the body
  • Increases the Mobility of Joints: by using the massage techniques including myofascial release and joint mobilization
  • It Relieves Muscle Tension: through various ways and techniques, it helps in loosening the tissues and knots in your muscles that relieve muscle pains
  • Enhance Blood Supply and Circulation: through the techniques mentioned, it can start improving the blood flow because of the reduction of the tension in the surrounding blood vessels of the muscles and tissues.

Does it Eliminate the Pain?

Yes it Does! Manual Osteopathy can help in eliminating pain, especially chronic pains. The hand form technique is utilized to address the problem and even find out the root cause of your discomfort.

It can help in various ways such as:

  • Reduce adhesions and scar tissues;
  • Improves digestion, menstrual pain, headaches/migraines, knee pains, tennis elbow, even respiratory conditions;
  • Treats traumatic injuries such as falls, sports injuries and the like;
  • Improves organ function
  • Relieves chronic pain from body and muscle tension and stress on joints
  • Improves body alignment and address the underlying causes of pain

And a whole lot more of pain elimination that a Manual Osteopathy session can do.

At Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Langley location, we meticulously take a closer look in the assessment of our client’s health challenge to fully address the underlying causes of discomfort his/her pain brings. We create and customize a treatment plan for every client we meet.

Our licensed professionals are fully knowledgeable of how they can address and help you with your health concerns. They have been trained and persistently got their own licenses to serve every person and keep up with the mission of helping people live better lives through the health care treatments that they can execute.

Through a comprehensive approach that considers the interconnectedness of bodily systems, manual osteopathy seeks to bring relief and restoration to individuals grappling with a diverse range of health challenges. It is recommended that individuals seeking treatment consult with a qualified manual osteopath to tailor the approach to their specific needs and conditions, ensuring a personalized and effective therapeutic journey.

Just like one of our excellently satisfied client who have been under our care for quite some time and have been in the Osteopathy treatment with one of our professionals, Dr. Vahid, a licensed Osteopath, as she is suffering from the discomfort of Fibromyalgia and other abdominal issues; she said that:

Eliminating Pains with Manual Osteopathy in Langley

I have gone to many practitioners (RMT, physio, chiro, NDs, osteopaths, etc) and have tried many treatments all over the lower mainland. Then I met Vahid who started treating me when I was newly postpartum. Not only is he kind, but he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met. He asks questions, and really listens. There are often times he intuitively knows what is going on within the body and how to treat it. I continued to see Vahid throughout my second pregnancy recently, and will continue to see him because I have felt so much relief & have had so much success with his treatments.” – Erica

We offer a wide range of treatment and services for Manual Osteopathy for our Langley residents such as:

All these treatments are found in the most famous all-in-one rehab clinic at Langley Willoughby location, Evergreen Rehab and Wellness Clinic. Feel better and live better without any challenge of pain and discomfort with the best health and wellness partner in Canada. Start your journey of eliminating pain and recovery today!

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