Dr. Nima Naghshgar

Dr. Nima Naghshgar is a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor at Evegreen Rehab and Wellness Langley Willoughby and specializing in aesthetic medicine at Eve Therapy.

Dr. Naghshagar’s final goal is to find the root cause of patients’ health issues, prevent, treat, and heal with all of naturopathic remedies that she has in her toolbox as a ND: (Botanical tinctures, Acupuncture, Supplements, physical medicine). She tries to treat you as a whole not just treating your symptoms, because our body, mind and soul are related as a wholeness.

Her fields of interest as a ND are Women Health, Pain Management, Digestive health, hormonal issues, Weight management and Aesthetic procedure.

Certificates with CNPBC:
Prescription Authority
IV Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Injectable fillers
Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin

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